The Dramatic Llama


As a recently diagnosed IBS sufferer, my original idea to start a blog was to share gluten and dairy free recipes (and photos of the attempts), as well as great places to eat out that cater for such needs.

But now I have actually started I feel like it’s going to be so much more! Like the rest of my social media pages and life in general, I think this will soon be filled with photos of countless animals looking adorable, additions to my already bursting wardrobe, my declarations of love for Guy Martin, London, photography, the countryside and of course… life, trials and dramas of a vet student!

I was diagnosed with IBS in May of this year, during my summer exams after months of feeling unwell. This had a knock on effect on my exams I was taking at the time, but more on that later. I was previously told that I was intolerant to gluten and just stressed, so set off in search of good gluten free restaurants and recipes. I struggled to find affordable recipes and ingredients being a student, so stuck with the same sorts of meals that I knew were safe. I was then told to cut out dairy as well and became vegan. My poor health continued so I returned to the doctors and they eventually told me I have IBS. Much drama continued and I now have medication to help with my symptoms (so I can now occasionally have cake… which is AMAZING, and cheese!) But when I can, I try not to include dairy or gluten in my diet. But I can think of many excuses for cake!

So expect recipe failures and waffling about good places to eat. As well as all the dramas life throws at me!

If anyone has any recommendations for restaurants, tea rooms, cafes or recipes please let me know!

Much love,

K x

2 thoughts on “The Dramatic Llama

  1. My previous drama llama comment was just based on the awesome blog name… But now reading it I’ve burst into tears. I’m rubbish at talking about how I feel but you’ve hit the nail on the head here Kelly.
    It’s definitely sad llama times, especially at the minute having to re-do even introductory lectures, but the interesting stuff will come and when it does we can excel. Things aren’t the way we planned but friends from before will stay friends and bonds from the new school year will form. You’re not alone going though this and although I don’t know the best way I can help support you I do know I’m in the same boat and understand how painful it is.
    Remember it is just a blip 🙂 we’ll be vets before you know it and the extra year will be forgotten xxx

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  2. Fantastic! Keep smiling as they say you will get there and all the tears and hard work will be well worth it. Can’t help at all with cooking ideas but if you need pony therapy (especially extra cute baby ones!) You know where they are, help yourself! Xx


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