Emotional Llama

img_5708I have been completely overwhelmed by the responses I have had from my blog over the past week. Messages from people with tips, ideas and general support have made me quite emotional, even more emotional than standard drama llama levels. So thank you to everyone who took the time to read it, even if it was just to avoid doing other things!

One thing out of the many that was suggested to me was to list (a new shiny list) the things that make me happy. I find it hard to see past the things that upset or stress me when I’m down, or how far I’ve come in the past, which obviously only increases my feelings of sadness. I also heard on the radio this week whilst driving (yes hooves can change gear) that the rate of depression in young woman is at an all time high. The study stated that a lot of people felt this was linked to the increase in use of social media. This is something I have struggled with a lot recently. Obviously people enjoy sharing happy times they have, celebrations, gifts etc with their friends on social media, which is great. But it can also be pretty hard to see when you’re life isn’t so rosy. When I thought about starting a blog, I wanted it to be honest and true to my llama life. So it will be a warts and all, with what ever life throws my way. I feel now more than ever, people are made to feel that they should live a certain way and achieve certain things, when life really isn’t like that for so many people.

So, with all that in mind, my plan over the next week, and hopefully the subject of next weeks post, is to spend time looking at life’s positives or the bright side of life… damn you Monty Python. And learn to recognise all the amazing things that I do have going on around me when I’m in my bubble of sadness.

In the mean time, I’ve been trying to stay positive and complete some of the things on the sad llama list! So at the weekend, to celebrate getting through week one of term, I dragged my boyfriend and general llama supporter to Cheddar Gorge. For an autumn walk and to take some scenic photos. I absolutely love photography… I know nothing (honestly nothing) about it, but that does not hinder me one bit. I just point and shoot and see what happens. It makes me happy. This is probably why during the week I was reduced to tears and so very nearly had an appointment at the Genius bar at Apple. I thought it was curtains for my relatively new Macbook but instead it was actually 40GB of photos on it in a hidden file. Panic over and hard drive plugged in.

There was a distinct lack of dogs (usually one of my favourite subjects) in Cheddar on Saturday but the 20+ goats sheltering in a cave half way up certainly made up for it. It rained most of the afternoon which made our climb up very entertaining, along with the stampeding goats. But the views from the top certainly made up for it. Much more dramatic and moody, much like my mood recently, than crisp blue skies. The photos don’t do the views justice (maybe if I knew how to use my camera better they might) you could see for miles. So beautiful. The rain got heavier and heavier and I thought I was going to come down a lot quicker than I climbed up, but it turns out llama hooves are for all terrains. The Subaru of hooves. Or Landrover depending on your personal taste.



We rounded off the day with date night at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, where I put my medication to the ultimate test… chocolate milkshakes with veggie burgers and sweet potato fries.


By the time our food order arrived I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo… But if you want a description just ask. I suffered all night when we got home, but it was worth the try! The day still resulted in warm fuzzy feelings so I’d definitely class it as the first success of many.

K x

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