Pedal to the metal

So the plan this week was to look at life’s sunny side. With that in mind, I went to look at fluffy bunnies and have a Costa with the Queen of Darkness on Thursday, which was an excellent use of the evening.

But then it took a bit of a turn for the worst and went down hill quite rapidly from there. A massive panic and upset on Thursday night/Friday morning due to nightmares saw me heading down the M4 with a foot on the accelerator harder than Burt Reynolds in Smokey & the Bandit. I pulled over for a sob and some sushi at Reading then made it home to my fluffies who soon calmed me down.

A night on the sofa under a duvet watching Mary Berry make comfort food, followed by a bubble bath with a Lush bath bomb (dragons egg). Certainly picked me up again and made me a glittery llama ready to enjoy the weekend at home.


Saturday was spent with my parents here, there and everywhere. I even managed to buy a pair of corduroy trousers… before you say anything, they’re amazing and they don’t make me look like I’m about to give a Physics lecture at all! Dinner was followed, as always, on autumnal Saturday nights by debates about Strictly Come dancing performances.

Sunday my parents, my sister and I ventured to a vintage fair in Ipswich! Literally my idea of heaven and my favourite type of shopping. So many stalls and trinkets.  I was good and made a budget of £50. I tried on countless dresses, jackets, jumpers and accessories before eventually deciding on two dresses. Both of which I only tried on for the comedy factor and instantly fell in love with.  My sister also brought me a customised 1970’s shearling jacket as an early Christmas present. I’ll try to take photos at the weekend in better surroundings when I’m in London!

Whilst life has being going at full pelt around me, I’ve been trying to write the list of reasons to be happy. So far I’ve managed 7 things… well 7 topics of happiness. I feel there are probably lots more than the ones I’ve managed so far, but I think they’re more like happy moments within others so they didn’t make the list.

Reasons to be happy:

My fluffies – for those of you who don’t know, we currently have Biscuit the rabbit, Eric the tortoise, Hilary the hedgehog, 4 cats… Jessie, Sebbie, Rosie and Ariel. Various visiting cats, some with names some without. We’re also fostering two feral kittens at the moment and have just acquired 9 fish. They ALL have quirks but the best ones do. Just being around them makes me happy. And their love is (almost) unconditional. Unless you have the cheek to buy the wrong food! Or put it in the wrong bowl.

My family – firstly the biggest bunch of crazy people ever (which explains a lot). But who love like no other.

My mother swears she has no idea where I get my dramatic tendencies; we call her Pam, after Gavin’s mum in Gavin & Stacey. ‘Oh my Christ.’ She’s been taking in strays from the year dot so I didn’t really stand a chance. She’ll also take on anyone (really anyone) that stands in her way of anything. She’s Mummy Sue to a lot of people.

Daddy Mark, who actively encourages my Disney and Guy Martin obsession. I discovered this weekend his Disney princess knowledge beats mine! And he also eats everything I can’t, but tells me that it all tastes absolutely dreadful.

My grandparents… the best people in existence. The countless times we have turned their house and garden upside down when playing and they let us do it again the next day (Sorry for breaking your bed by making it into a trampoline, and your bathroom scales by trying to get them to go all the way round). I will also be eternally grateful to them for teaching me to turn a table and 4 chairs into horses and a cart with bailing twine. They are second parents to me. I don’t know what I’d do without them. I wouldn’t be able to drive, ride a bike, swim or roller-skate for starters.

My sister Maggot – I’m still looking for the returns receipt but I think she’s tainted with too many of our tendencies now to send back unfortunately. We get on fabulously now we don’t share a roof. And I don’t think I’ll find another sister that will get up with me at 6am, because we’re too excited to sleep at Christmas, despite both being on the wrong side of 25.

As for the rest of the crazy people that make up the family nut tree, I wouldn’t be without them. I am truly so lucky.

My boyfriend – general llama supporter, all round extraordinaire. I honestly don’t know how he puts up with me. Clearly he likes dramatic llamas. He bestowed the nickname on me in the first place. We had a chance encounter at a party and I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else… unfortunately I’ll reach the old bit before he does.

My friends – much like my family, some lunatics, but we get on well. My social circle is quite small, but I prefer that. I don’t have the patience anymore for fake friends so generally have a 1 strike and you’re out rule. To a lot of people this can make me look like a bitch, but it works. I know I’m surrounded by people I can trust and love me for the drama llama I am.

I’m at vet school – this is a bit of a love hate relationship at the moment. I still have to pinch myself that I am actually getting the chance to pursue my dreams. But… it is also currently the root of a lot of my uncontrollable emotions at present. I know this is a blip, I’m lucky to even get in and I have to push on, but some days its like trying to cycle up St Michael’s hill towing 4 people. If you’ve walked round Bristol you’ll fully understand this.

I’m (relatively) healthy – There’s a certain Yorkshire lass that drums this into me frequently… usually just before we walk into an exam. And I am (minus the IBS etc.) I try to eat well, exercise and avoid humans that look like they’re carrying a cold. To be honest I spend a lot of time avoiding a lot of humans in general!

My wish list – whats that… another list?! Of course! My boyfriend, I think in an effort to reduce the high input, low output situation of my wardrobe, came up with the idea of writing a wish list. I didn’t need much encouraging, and it means I have stuff to aim for and save for instead of buying tons of reasonably priced, similar looking clothes or multiple identical items. Saving for special things that I really want is an even better shopping experience than ever before! I know it sounds incredibly materialistic, but nice things I’ve saved for, make me very happy and feel more confident. And I’m ok with that!

For now that’s all I can think of, but I actually think it outweighs the sadness list… one list I think I’m ok with not physically writing at the moment.

Family and animal time will always make me happy and it was so what I needed this week. I think I’m learning, slowly, to get my priorities straight and what really matters.

But, for once, I’m actually looking forward to this week. And not only because it involves David Attenborough, London and my favourite bakery, amongst other lovely things. Expect SO many photos… mainly of cake and my llama supporter.

I’ve not been this excited since Guy Martin told me I was a top lass.

K x

2 thoughts on “Pedal to the metal

  1. Another amazing post Kelly. Can’t wait to see and read all about your time in London.
    You have come so far with your career and we are all so very proud of you! Like you say it is just a blip, to test your patience. I’ve never met anyone whose so smart, caring and crazy! You really will make an amazing vet, just hang in there.
    Love you beautiful.
    P.s keep your spirits up, smile and show the world whose boss.



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