Heroes, cakes and happy llamas

After the stress and drama of last week I wasn’t in the best of moods on Tuesday night and had an emotional evening. It’s hard, as everything seems to be so up and down at the moment. I feel like a yo-yo… I don’t think Llamas can yo-yo… I think the cloven hoof would be a disadvantage but I feel like one. I’m very conscious of how my moods have an affect on other people around me too, which obviously makes me feel even worse when I feel like I’ve upset or hurt someone when I’m sad.

So after a down, naturally there was an up and Wednesday definitely picked me up. After lectures I met my lovely friend the Tooth Fairy for a long over due catch up and a harbour side wander in the sunshine which made me feel a whole lot better. The afternoon was spent with the Queen of Darkness in one of our favourite haunts… Mac! Trying on a multitude of lipsticks before both settling on the same colour but looking completely different in them. Clearly we both have impeccable taste.

Thursday was so exciting, I was lucky enough… the luckiest llama ever… to grab a ticket to see David, Sir David Attenborough in conversation with Chris Packman for the Wildscreen Festival. An hour on conservation and how the World has changed since he has been in broadcasting and is continuing to change to meet the needs of an ever growing population. The hour flew by far too quickly and confirmed my love for him even more. His passion and enthusiasm for the natural world is endless and so very infectious. A hero and a national treasure.


Sir David talking about being tickled by Mountain Gorillas 

Friday evening was spent in an amazing bath… courtesy of a Lush bubble bar, Karma (the most insane purple bath with gold glitter) before listening to vinyl records and dancing around my llama supporters kitchen in pjs. Probably the happiest llama I have been for many, many weeks. I always forget how happy music makes me feel and dancing is the icing on the cake.


Saturday morning we ventured down to the BFI London Film Festival at Embankment to see ‘Your Name’. The film is a Japanese science fiction animation which has been nominated for Best Film in the Film Festival. Before the film there was a humorous question and answer session with the Director Makoto Shinkai. It was released in Japan on August 26th 2016 and has already taken more than $140 million at the box office. It is due to be released here in November, if you get the chance definitely go and see it. It’s very funny, vivid and is full of twists.


We then mooched to Belgravia to my favourite bakery EVER. Peggy Porschen. I was lucky enough to first visit this scrumptious place in June as a post exam treat. The cakes, biscuits, macaroons and cupcakes are incredible. They also have an academy where you can go on all manner of cake making and decorating courses and they sell many cookery books and equipment. I chose a slice of Vanilla cloud with a glass of pink lemonade, my favourite combination. My llama supporter, being the chocolate fiend he is, went for a slice of chocolate truffle! I naturally sampled both and decided mine was the better choice. The pretty flowers that have been decorating the bakery all summer have now been replaced with cute autumnal displays… think many pumpkins. And on the subject of pumpkins… I couldn’t leave without buying a pumpkin spiced cupcake for later, the mini pumpkin adorning the top was reason enough alone. The man in front of me nabbed the last of the chocolate heaven cupcakes so llama supporter had a cookies and cream cupcake, which we later found out, contained an oreo in the centre!


From here we waddled to Portobello Road to have a wander through the market and look at the pretty streets full of beautiful houses so I could snap away. The sun started to disappear half way round and the rain set in so we headed for home for a Thai takeaway. Making the third day in a row that I have been a happy llama.

After a much better week than the last few, I thought it was better to make a whole separate post for the recent clothing purchases… as I’m going to be honest, there has been a fair few. And I didn’t want to bore you all to death with an essay of a post.

If you’re still with me after all that, thank you! Hopefully things are on the up. For the first time in I think forever, I am actually excited for Autumn, cosy nights, pretty leaves and layers. Plus… it’s only 10 weeks until Christmas! Argh!

K x

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