Llamas love shopping

So I’ve dedicated an entire post to my recent shopping purchases as I was fortunate to visit a vintage fair recently and find some cute winter clothes already on the high street… and well I love clothes shopping… so I don’t need any encouragement.

The first find was a 1960’s dress found at a vintage fair in Suffolk being sold by a dealer called Retro Bambi. Check out her Instagram here, like me, she loves anything that sparkles and her stock definitely shows this! I saw this dress on the rail and couldn’t leave it behind… who doesn’t love navy velvet teamed with red and silver glittery fabric?! To top it off, it even has fluted sleeves! I feel like a member of Pan’s People in this… get me to Top of the Pops immediately.

I haven’t decided where to wear this yet. I feel like its one of those outfits that would be stared at anywhere so maybe anywhere is acceptable. I teamed it with thermal tights… because I’m always cold and thigh high suede boots from New Look.


The second dress is also from Retro Bambi… she did me a deal… Is even more sparkly! I look like I’ve been caught up in an explosion at the sequin factory and I love it. The dress is late 70s/early 80s and amazingly the sequins and beads have managed to stay put. There are even black sequins trimming the whole dress. I think I’ll probably save this for Christmas parties or even maybe Christmas day, just wearing it makes me feel festive.

The shoes I’m wearing are from Primark, in the sale. Reduced to £3.00. £3.00! The whole outfit cost me £15.50. I love a bargain especially when it makes me feel this good when I wear it. Obviously I love nice clothes, but obtaining them as a student can be hard… some days I’m like sod it and then live off baked potatoes for a month… even beans on toast is a luxury when you have to buy gluten free bread. So vintage shopping and hunting in charity shops is a better compromise. I’ve also started reducing my wardrobe contents by taking to eBay. I finally let my llama supporter see the full extent of my clothing collection… he had a minor meltdown. So I’m ebaying… to be fair I probably don’t need 87 tops.


Next up are corduroy trousers… all hail. They’re like a cross between trackies and jeans. Ultimate comfort. I went shopping with my parents when I was home for the weekend and my Dad was searching for some new jeans. These cords were in the doorway of the shop and I feel in love straight away. I have a pair of black high waisted jeans from the same brand as these and luckily they fit just as well… if not better. I’d like to point out, the ladies section was the first part of the shop… my dad wasn’t shopping for ladies jeans.

I LOVE the colour, burgundy is probably my favourite winter colour. As you will see later. There’s a reoccurring theme. I’m trying to stay away from black this winter and be a bit more adventurous with colours. Apart from my vast collection of Christmas jumpers, my winter wardrobe isn’t as exciting as my summer one. So I’m trying mustards, plums, burgundy and dark greens.

I struggle A LOT to find trousers to fit. For my height I have short legs… but I disguise this by wearing high waisted jeans and dungarees. I also have a small, natural waist and very wide hips which I detest. My Mum says I suffer from duck syndrome… which is polite for telling me I have a low arse. In jeans, I either feel like I’m in a vice grip around my hips and any movement could result in ripping or I spend the entire day pulling my jeans up. Most of the pairs I own have the belt loops pulled off where I’m constantly trying to hitch them up. Even with a belt on, they still fall down but as an added extra the belt wedges into my hip fat as a last ditch attempt to try to hold the waist band where it should be.

Please if anyone can recommend jeans that are suitable for wide hips and low arses comment away.

I wore this outfit on Saturday for our London mooch. The jumper is from New Look, it was supposed to be quite a fitted style but I preferred a baggy fit so bought it 3 sizes bigger than I normally would. I think they have discontinued the colour I have but it’s available in three other cute colours. The corduroys are from Matalan and were a bargain at £15. The Dr Martens I inherited from my wonderful friend, Miss Hermès. If anyone tells you its impossible to love a shoe they’re wrong. If my house was on fire I’d take these with me. Just wearing them makes me feel happier.


My shearling jacket… I probably shouldn’t be wearing this yet. It was a VERY early Christmas present from my little sister Maggot. Another vintage fair find. Winter coats don’t come much more colourful than this. More burgundy! It’s an original 1970s jacket that has been customised, the guy had several of similar styles but all different colours and details. So its nice to know they’re all unique. It’s huge, unbelievably cosy and so sparkly.

I’ve worn it pretty much every day since I got it and even keeps me warm in Bristol… an undeniable achievement. I wore it on Saturday over the above outfit and finished it off with my new Amelia Jane bobble hat. My second one. I bought my first one (pale pink) at Olympia a couple of years ago and have worn it to death. I was on the hunt for a second one and my cousin convinced me to get this colour when we went to Burghley. It’s in keeping with me trying to be more colourful over winter and I love the colour more every time I wear it.


I think that rounds up all the new additions for now. I am trying, maybe not that successfully at present, to cut back on my shopping habits. I saw an amazing Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas jumper in the Disney Store on Oxford Street at the weekend for £29.99. But forced myself to put it back, much to the relief of the llama supporter. Back to concentrating on saving for things on my wish list instead!

It’s also back to the Llama list for happy things to do to perk up the rest of the week. This weekend should include a small road trip to the Cotswolds, baking and Disney movies.

K x


2 thoughts on “Llamas love shopping

  1. Oh Kelly that black sequinned dress looks absolutely stunning on you! Perfect for Christmas celebrations. Love the jacket too, so beautifully stitched and decorated. It made me chuckle when you mentioned “mini meltdown” Cameron had when he found out your stash of clothes. Only keep things that make you happy and comfortable. I’ve started to hang all my items with the hanger the wrong way round, then when i use it i hang it properly. At the end of the year all those items of clothes with hangers facing the wrong way get chucked. Same goes for when i buy something new, i have to chuck something old….although at the end of the day, can you really have too many clothes, shoes and bags?? 😉 Another fab post with beautiful photos. xx


    1. Thank you chick, bargain at £12.50 too! Haha bless him, he just doesn’t get why anyone would have clothes that are so similar to each other haha. That’s such a good idea. Then you really know if you wear it. I think it’s so easy to think oh no I’ll keep that until Winter and then not wear it when it’s in season. Hahaha.. no you can’t haha, there’s no such thing as too many. Just wardrobes that are too small! Aw thank you for taking the time to read as always ❤ xx


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