Bills Gate

Lectures stepped up a gear this week so I haven’t been quite as social as last week.

Talking of gears,… on Wednesday night, the Queen of Darkness and I thought we would try our hand (or hoof) at spinning. I’d like to ask at this point if anyone has seen the use of my legs at all? No? They were last spotted just before I walked into the gym. But could be anywhere by now. Please be vigilant.

Friday night we doubled dated with the hipster lawyer and the Queen of textiles at Bills in Muswell Hill. I’d love to say there are beautiful photos of the food to follow, but it was candlelit and cocktails were consumed. So instead here’s a photo of my outfit instead… lucky you!


Coat – Jaeger. Heels – Primark. Dungarees – New Look. Stripy crop top – River Island. Chocker – Miss Selfridge. Lipstick – Mac Retro Matt All Fired Up. 

Despite it being the last week of October, it’s incredibly mild and still light layering weather. I’m wearing a crop top in October! I was lucky enough to be given this beautiful coat from my llama supporters Mum as she no longer wears it. I’ve wanted a well fitting mac for absolutely ages so was completely over the moon with it.

After dinner we made our way home, merrily… When I started this blog I said it was a full honest account so with that in mind… Unfortunately llama supporter started what is now know as ‘Bills Gate’. We have only had 2 previous occasions, I would say arguments, llama supporter would say misunderstandings… both have now been labelled as ‘Suitcase Gate’ and ‘Wine Gate’. ‘Suitcase Gate’ was by far the most dramatic, movie-like occasion in my life to date. And involved me and a suitcase (obviously) disappearing at Paddington station before being delayed back to Bristol by 3 hours and llama supporter trying to correct the misunderstanding.

I think llama supporter wished he had a Bernard’s watch on Friday night because, it may have been the cocktails, but he dug himself a colossal hole by commenting on my non-existent attitude at dinner. At one point it looked like a bottomless pit. Unfortunately it sent my IBS off on one and I spent a large proportion of the rest of the night in the bathroom. Thankfully llama supporter found an escape route from his hole and a map to clear up the misunderstanding. I’m not going to lie, it also helped that he gave me a gift too. A necklace he bought in France, when he was 13 to give to the person he intended to marry. Apparently the teenage llama supporter was a hopeless romantic. Llama’s aren’t particularly good at French, but I think it says ‘Every kiss is an Earthquake.’ All together now… awwwwwww. Answers on a postcard if you think differently please! This could start ‘Gate 4.’


On Saturday we ventured to Holland Park for an autumn walk and to take seasonal photos. It was the first time I’ve actually been to the park, and won’t be the last. Unfortunately, the best tree in the park was being hogged by Jamie Laing and the Made in Chelsea crew filming him tell someone he loved them… I’m not sure how many takes that needs… he clearly didn’t posses a heart shaped engraved necklace. We did three laps and he was still there so had to come home without the photo. Aside from that tree, there are many pretty sights to be seen including the ruins of a house, formal gardens, peacocks and squirrels which like to be hand fed! There are also some nice sculptures within the park, my particular favourite was the bronze man. It has a great position within the tress and he has an eery sense about him. I felt like he was going to suddenly blink and attack me like something out of Doctor Who.

We also had a wander around an adorable hidden mews of houses on the way to the park from the tube station, which made me a snap happy llama. I’ve cut the 140 photos down to just 25 to save your souls (there were many adorable squirrel snaps but I picked just my favourites out).


I also felt that it was finally poppy wearing time so wore my new pin that I picked up in M&S a couple of weeks ago. I usually sport my poppy bracelets and a paper poppy for remembrance, but I saw this one and had to have it. I also feel like I can wear this all year round if I wanted to!


We finished off the day with a quick trip to Lush to buy halloween bath bombs! Before going home to have gluten free pizza from Firezza and a Morecambe and Wise film ‘Night Train to Murder’ in bed. The film is a murder mystery spoof and involves actor replacements half way through and dodgy props, if you love slapstick, lighthearted humour you should definitely give it a watch.

Sunday morning was so much nicer with an extra hours sleep! That extra hour is the only positive thing about changing the clocks. For me this time of year is so depressing, it’s already practically pitch black outside and it’s not even 5pm yet. Christmas is the beacon of twinkly lights amongst the dark, depressing nights!

But moving on… On Sunday we went to a pop up vintage fair in Hampstead! I saw this one advertised on Facebook and thought as it was so close by it would be silly not to go! So off we trundled in the fog…


My llama supporter picked up a 1950’s 8mm film camera which hopefully works! We are yet to work out quite how to use it. I nabbed a 1980’s patterned jacket originally from Selfridges. Power dressing to the max! And a yellow geometric shirt from a stall called Vintage Bea. For a grand total of £18.00, bargain!


The remainder of the day was spent being lazy (as most Sundays should be) before driving back to a much colder Bristol. This week will be a very busy one with uni and a couple of gigs but I’ve just made it worse for myself as I have signed up to run 5K for the Royal British Legion on Sunday! I’m dragging my sister Maggot and brother-in-law Dr Lloydberg with me to share the pain!

If you fancy supporting this great cause and sponsoring us that would be greatly appreciated!

Expect to hear all about that in the next post, I’m a very unfit llama! As well as lots of pictures of my fluffies as I’m off home for the weekend! So excited!

Thank you once again if you made it this far. It honestly does mean a lot to me that you read my ramblings!

K x

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