Unfit Llama

This week started off so nice and relaxed but it was all too short lived! Monday was lovely and quiet and I caught up with lots of work and planned everything for the week ahead. That’s where the calm and relaxation stopped.

Tuesday I went shopping in Cabot Circus, I bought a lovely black body with a deep v-neck (pictures of the body to follow, when I get chance to wear it!) and a red velvet bralette, before we went to see NAO at Motion. I wasn’t that sure what to expect from NAO as I had only heard a few of her tracks via my llama supporter, as he is a fan. I was completely blown away, not only by her amazing voice but also by her awesome stage presence. She is definitely a new favourite. She was supported by Jorja Smith who was also equally incredible! If you get the chance check them both out, or search for them on Spotify and such things.


Jorja Smith wowing Motion

Wednesday after lectures I performed llama girlfriend duties and went to watch my llama supporter play football…apparently I was a lucky charm! They won 6-1. Compared to last weeks score which saw them lose 6-0. But we’ll see how long that continues with the declining weather haha. I’m definitely a fair weather llama.

Thursday I had an impromptu lunch at Las Iguanas with my favourite vet school lovelies. I ordered the gluten-free chilli, it didn’t disappoint. I think it’s my favourite gluten-free option on their menu. It was so nice to catch up with the girls. It’s one of the hardest parts of being in another year, being away from such wonderful friends! Vet school is so stressful sometimes and it’s nice to go through it with others on the same wavelength as you. I’m so thankful I’m not the only one in my situation. It’s nice to be greeted with the same familiar faces that understand you!

I was lucky enough to get home this weekend to see my fluffies and my family of course. I couldn’t get any new adorable photos of them, because they wouldn’t sit still long enough and they were petrified of all the fireworks!

I celebrated being home by having a Lush fuelled bubble bath! This time it was the turn of my flamingo bubble bar! I’m hoping to get at least two more baths out of the bar. I was quite impressed how little I needed to use to get a decently full bath! It’s still flamingo shaped!


Saturday I went to my mum’s dance class with her as a warm up! Then I spent the rest of the day clearing out my other wardrobe and sorting things to put on eBay. Four bin bags of clothes, a box and two carrier bags of shoes later and I think I’m getting somewhere! It’s going to take an age to photograph and list everything!

Sunday was far from a lazy day! It was an early start and off to Finsbury Park for the Poppy Run with Maggot and Dr Lloydberg. Thankfully we got there ridiculously early, as it wasn’t very well signposted and found various people on route who were also lost. Eventually we found the start and signed in and got our t-shirts, before the warm up courtesy of British Military Fitness. Slightly warmer than the freezing temperatures in the park we set off. We decided to go at our own paces and if we got split up then meet after the finish. Now despite the spin classes and exercises that have been occurring recently, I’m a very unfit llama! Even so I wanted to better my time from the last 5k I did many moons ago, which was 45 minutes… llama crawling speeds. And even though I felt like I was going to die I got round in under 40 minutes. I think it was 38 but the exact time is unknown as my phone died but I was rather proud of that, as I haven’t run for 6 months! It’s definitely an event I’ll be taking part in again next year. This is the first time they have put the event on and they plan to add locations each year as it becomes more popular. This year they also put a virtual run on for people who couldn’t get to the locations so they could complete it in their own time. We were all very proud of ourselves once we caught our breaths and it felt good to do something to raise money for such a worthy cause.

The medal we were given at the end was worth all the pain, it’s gorgeous and is already hanging with my other running medals and horse rosettes… it’s fair to say I’m a competitive llama! I’m going to be walking like John Wayne for at least 4 days.


Sunday was also special for another reason; it was my Grandad’s 84th Birthday! Cue vintage adorable photos….


If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting my wonderful grandparents you will already know they don’t act their age! And refuse any present you buy them. I managed to force a family size Galaxy bar into his hand before he could give it back. We spent the afternoon telling them about our run and eating… you can’t get out of my grandparents house without being fed. Even if you’re not hungry. My grandparents are like parents to me and were very involved in my upbringing. Before I got into Vet school I saw them every day. I feel so lucky to have spent so much time with them, but it also makes it harder to be away in Bristol as I feel like I’m missing out on so much. They are the most amazing people, and I have the best memories with them. Before we left for dinner, we also had great fun showing them how to use snapchat! Photos to follow…


I need another weekend to get over it all now. We have another gig on Tuesday and drinks on Friday but that’s it for going out in the week! I’m getting an old llama, burning the candle at both ends takes too long to recover from. It’s back to the sad llama list for things to do over the weekend. I should imagine it will involve baking and movies as it’s feeling very wintery in Bristol now, and I have the urge to be cosy! There is a vintage fair on which we may trundle off to but I need to consult my bank balance as it has taken quite a bashing of late!

Once again… thank you so much for taking time out to read my wafflings! It does mean a lot to me.

K x

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