Beached Llama

This week’s post is heavily photo based, so apologies. I’ve been a crazy snap happy llama.  I actually had a day free from lectures this week… shock horror. I can’t remember the last time this actually happened. It was purely due to practical exam resits which luckily I didn’t need to do. So instead I used my time wisely… no not revising! We went to the Sky Garden in London before rounding off the evening at a Kevin Morby gig.

I’ve been trying to get tickets to the Sky Garden for a while, but wanted to wait for the nights to get longer so that we could be there for dusk and see the view change as the city comes alive with lights. It’s free to attend, but you have to book tickets. They release them 3 weeks in advance, but they go very quickly, despite it being open since January 2015, it’s still very popular with visitors! We managed to get tickets for the 4pm-5pm slot, perfect for sunset viewing. I was optimistic the day before as the sunset had been spectacular. In typical London weather it was cloudy, but alas it was still an incredible view. I’m so glad we waited until later in the year to go as it was so nice to see the city change as the night set in. We wandered round for ages trying to pick out different landmarks all over the city from all the different view points. If you get the chance I highly recommend it as a fun and free thing to do in London, and not many of those exist!


What a difference a day can make!


Unfortunately I have been unwell again with my IBS this week, I eventually managed to get a doctors appointment on Friday! I’m now on different drugs, 8 a day, and I’m going to try the FODMAP diet out. Fingers crossed this starts to help as I’m fed up with rolling round in bed all night in agony and looking 6 months pregnant after every meal. To pass the time between my lectures finishing and my appointment I visited Cabot circus to do some Christmas shopping. I also ended up buying more things to add to my own wardrobe… we’ll blame the doctors stress on that. More on my new things later.

After all the stress of the doctors and my purse being significantly lighter with the shopping and new prescriptions, my llama supporter and I went to the village pub with my vet school lovelies. For a long over due catch up, food and gin and tonics. And it was the best tonic I could ask for. They never fail to cheer me up and we didn’t stop giggling all night. Never underestimate the power of great friends. And gin.

On Saturday I woke up feeling unwell (not gin related) and the weather was awful. So instead of going Castle Combe as originally planned, we had a lazy morning and then went for a drive to Brean after a google search of local Somerset beaches. It was bracing but beautiful and definitely blew away the cobwebs. It was overwhelmingly grey and moody when we arrived. We had a wander on the beach for a while and then the sun started to set and made for a stunning view as it sunk below the clouds before disappearing completely from view behind the rolling hills.


It also made a great excuse to wear some of the new clothes I bought on Friday! And to prove to my llama supporter that they were in fact an good investment!


The first thing I bought was a Christmas jumper with dachshunds on it… wearing Christmas jumpers. If you know anything about me, you’ll know this breed sends me into a mushy mess. So I couldn’t resist this in the shop. It’s super cosy and only set me back £12.oo in Primark. Also in Primark I grabbed the leggings I’m also sporting… they were advertised as “the warmest leggings you will ever wear”. This wasn’t an exaggeration. I was so toasty! They are fleece lined, I’d describe it more of a soft fake fur than fleece but you get the idea. They also suck everything in and give you a great silhouette. Warmth, a great shape and only £6.00, what more could you want?! I finished my outfit off with my trusty wax jacket, my new favourite Amelia Jane bobble hat, a scarf I picked up in Miss Selfridge sale and my Dubarry style riding boots incase the tide came in quickly.

Being a poor vet student and owning about 5 pairs of riding boots, I haven’t yet been able to justify a pair of Dubarry boots. They’re on my list of things to save for! So hopefully one day, but for now, these are probably the best bargain I have ever nabbed. They cost me a grand total of £19.99. Yes, less than twenty quid. From Aldi. ALDI. Last year they branched into horse riding stuff and advertised these boots. I didn’t get my hopes up because I thought they probably wouldn’t be that great and if they were, they’d sell out before you could blink. Luckily Maggot saw them, the last pair, and bought them after a frantic phone call. Having owned many riding/country boots in the past I can honestly say they’re as good as my Shires and my Toggi ones. And they’re still going strong after a year of wear.

We rounded off Saturday night with a home made chilli con carne and Strictly Come Dancing. I already have a top three and I’m so hoping they all make it to the end. This series has been amazing. Usually there are a couple of good dancers and the rest only improve to a point. Last year Jay was my favourite from the beginning and then that jive, literally blew me away.  But this year it seems never ending, ever week they get better and better. I can’t wait to see the final already.

Tomorrow we’re hopefully going to get to Castle Combe. At last! The rest of the week is already looking so busy with lectures, practicals and group projects! Currently next weekend is completely free so check out my next post to see what we eventually decide to do. Right now I’m off to bed to watch a fuzzy film.

Thank you as always for taking the time to read my posts. It really does mean so much and is such an amazing escape from life’s stresses and upsets. When I started this, I wanted to be more creative and hopefully improve my outlook on life, but it’s already brought me so much more than that.

K x

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