Surprised Llama

So I closed the last post by saying that I didn’t have much planned for the weekend apart from meeting llama supporter’s friends for brunch and Christmas shopping at the German Market. With the rest of the time probably catching up on work.

How wrong I was. It turns out I have been lied to since September 27th. We headed off to the cafe on Saturday morning which was surprisingly close by, llama supporter was acting peculiar. I didn’t think too much of it as he has peculiar tendencies. We sat down and waited for his ‘friends’ and in walked Maggot and Dr Lloydberg.

Sneaky buggers. All of them. Even my mum was in on it. Never trusting anyone again.

We proceeded to have brunch… not all lies. Then went to the German Christmas markets for an explore. Thankfully it wasn’t too busy and we got round to see all the stalls without trying all the food on offer. We spent a large proportion of time at the Alpaca stand, surprise, surprise. I came away with an alpaca wool jumper complete with alpaca pattern.


Earlier in the day I had to go to the Genius bar at Apple as my iPhone had started turning off at random times regardless of the battery percentage. Its most choice moment was in the dark driving back from Brean last weekend. Thankfully llama’s must have homing devices because I got us back without a single u-turn. I had to wait 5 hours for an appointment, but finally got seen to be told it was irreparable. But as it was only 9 months old still under warranty. So now I have my 3rd iPhone this year. The other one came without a working speaker and was in my possession for 2 days. I seem to be having a run of bad luck with them this year. I had my previous iPhone 5 for 3 years and never had a problem with it once.

Anyways, back to the surprise weekend! iPhone sorted, we made our way to Za Za Bazaar on the Harbourside. Maggot and Dr Lloydberg’s favourite place to eat in Bristol. We rolled out a couple of hours later, feeling rather ladened. And went to (slowly) explore the rest of the Harbourside via the padlock bridge to find Maggot and Dr Lloydberg’s engraved padlock.


On Sunday we headed off to Cheddar Gorge for an explore. It was even more dramatic than usual. Over the past few days the weather here has been even more wet and windy than normal. When we arrived in Cheddar we found that there had been flooding and landslides the day before. Some of the shops had to close and the roads through the main part of the gorge could be described as practically off roading. It made the walk much more enjoyable though, the road was running a constant river and the scenery was beautiful. Unfortunately the caves were inaccessible and the climb all the way to the top was too slippery, so we climbed a short way and explored the lower, more rocky parts of the gorge instead. We finished off the afternoon with a trip to Holly House tea room for a warm and some late lunch. I had a pot of tea and a brie and bacon panini, Maggot went for a warming baked potato and a hot chocolate that was practically drowning in cream. Dr Lloydberg went for a freshly made hot sausage roll and a coke then helped me finish the vast quantities of brie I was presented with.


It was then back to cosy Wrington for a relax and unwind. It was all too soon that Maggot and Dr Lloydberg had to drive back to Suffolk and I was left to catch up on research, work and downloading photos!

I was more than slightly depressed at the thought of spending all weekend with my folders so it was such a wonderful and thoughtful surprise. And it cured my awful homesickness for just a bit longer. But, I’ll forever be suspicious of anyones activities from now on.

I’m off to make dinner to the soundtrack of Christmas songs followed by an early night with a Christmas film. I know some people think it’s too early and that’s fine. But I’m doing it anyways. As far as I’m concerned… It’s the most wonderful time of the year*.

K x

*I really hope you’re singing that now.


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