Procrastinating Llama

After a very social weekend, the start of the week was a bit of a downer. To be fair it wasn’t helped by the torrential rain we were subjected to. Monday, I got rained on. Uni cancelled a lecture so I was soaked for nothing, then it took me 90 minutes to do 15 miles as everywhere was flooded and our cottage became an island. The fire brigade came out… The only bonus to the whole event. I started to gather supplies for an ark, I expected seals outside the window on Tuesday morning.

The theme continued, Tuesday night was an all time low on the IBS front. I went to bed at 9pm as I was feeling unwell. I was still awake at 1.30am in potentially the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. If the pain had have been slightly lower I would have gone to A&E convinced it was appendicitis. I napped on and off the whole night. Then I slept through my alarm on Wednesday morning. Thankfully that was the end of my bad run of luck. I went to Cabot Circus and managed to get lots of Black Friday deals in House of Fraser (despite it being only Wednesday…). I would show you my bargains but they’re all destined to be Christmas presents so it’s top secret. Then, it was off to meet the wonderful Tooth Fairy for a well deserved catch up over hot chocolate and cake. Which cheered me up no end and came away feeling slightly more positive about life!

Thursday after lectures, the Queen of Darkness and I constructed her newly purchased pole in our living room. Some swearing and chucking away of the tools it came with in favour for our own tool kits, it was finally up! I wasn’t holding out much hope as my upper body strength is zero, especially since I broke my arm and elbow so badly. But, the Queen of Darkness is a natural and such a good teacher. I already have bruises but I love it! It’s so much fun and when you finally get a move it makes you feel awesome! It’s far from quiet in the county here!


Friday after lectures and spurred on by my new found love of pole, I headed to Victoria’s Secret to check out their Black Friday deals. After a tip off earlier in the day from a fellow American VS lover. They had 50% off all bras. So I nabbed two new sports bras, thanks to a gift card with leftover money on it I only splashed out £14.00.

On Saturday the Queen of Darkness and I headed to Hobby Craft and The Range for a browse, before spending the rest of the day getting ready for the vet soiree. I think soiree is my favourite event on the vet social calendar. And I love an excuse to get dressed up. Llama supporter met us at the venue, @Bristol for a mooch around the exhibits before we danced the night away to the Horn Stars and a DJ. It was at soiree last year that I actually met my llama supporter for the first time… Where there was nearly an incident with spilt red wine and my dress. Thankfully he turned out to be quite charming and the rest as they say is history!


After all that excitement llama supporter and I went to Bath on Sunday for the Christmas markets. We have a lot of stuff coming up over the next few weeks (uni deadlines and other events) so this was our one and only chance to get there! There are over 170 stalls dotted around the streets in cute cabins selling pretty much anything. It was absolutely freezing… even Llama supporter was cold. We started the day with brunch at Boston Tea Party. I went for smoked salmon, avocado and scrambled eggs on sourdough. Llama supporter went for the chorizo hash, which was basically 2 hash browns topped with poached eggs and tomatoes.  Hands down one of the best brunches I’ve had. So yummy and perfectly presented. Llama supporter waited… not so patiently, for me to snap a photo of it.


We then went to explore the rest of the shops, stalls and sights of Bath. It was incredibly busy, but fun. There’s something for everyone in the market. From wooden children’s toys to alpaca socks, every type of food you can think of and enough bath stuff to drown any family member in. After 4 hours of shopping and sightseeing we decided we definitely deserved cake. It was back to Boston Tea Party… twice in one day is totally acceptable. I went for a soya hot chocolate and a gluten free brownie. Llama supporter went for a white chocolate milkshake and a gluten free brownie. I inherited the white chocolate milkshake as llama supporter was not a fan but other than that it was simply sublime. We rolled back to the car feeling accomplished and content.


Once home, I’m not going to lie, I put my pj’s straight on. Then the Queen of Darkness and I had a rock n roll night… in front of the fire with our dinner, watching Strictly Come Dancing from Saturday night. We know how to live.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Can you tell I’m procrastinating?!

I’m already excited for next weekend, it’s a special day Friday and we’re off to London for the weekend to celebrate. Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Much love,

K x

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