Festive Llama

The beginning of the week was spent recovering from Bath and soiree and catching up on mountains of uni work. Bristol has been subzero this week and whilst it is gorgeous, especially in the sunshine… Llama’s don’t like the cold. I am forever jealous of children in prams in those all-in-one ensembles looking like Michelin men. If I didn’t require the use of my feet I’d get one. The only thing that has been my saviour this week has been an early Christmas present from my llama supporter in the shape of a faux-fur hat. This is a whole new level of cosy. According to most it has many Russian vibes, to be fair I think it would keep me cosy even in Oymyakon.

Incidentally… Oymyakon is thought to be the coldest inhabited area on Earth. Averaging -50C in the winter.

I just asked my llama supporter where he thought the coldest inhabited place on Earth was. His response was: “Your soul?”


If anyone has failed to notice, it’s now December. Quite frankly the best month of the year. I feel like I should have been an elf. But I wouldn’t have coped with the weather. There are many reasons I love Christmas, but the main ones are, being home from uni for a decent period with my family and animals… and my Christmas tree. It is also the time of year that llama supporter and I started dating, so its extra special to us. I think he was subjected to a tamer festive llama last year. Unfortunately he is currently unprepared for what’s about to hit him. I am now full on festive llama mode and be warned, it’s only going to get worse. If anyone would like to increase my festive spirit and buy me a llama ornament for my tree you can find it here. I nearly had a seizure in Paperchase when I saw these. I was on the phone to Mummy Sue at the time and she had to diffuse the excitement. It’s not the only llama themed decorations either! They also have a felt version and some wooden ornaments called “a box of llamas”.

As I mentioned in the last post, this weekend is one of excitement for llama supporter and I. It marks a whole year since our first date, in Burger Joint where we bonded over our love of sweet potato wedges and I dazzled him with my crazy cat lady shoes. We celebrated by going back to London for a festive weekend. On arrival at Bueno headquarters I was greeted by a stunning bouquet of pink roses, my absolute favourites. As well as a beautiful card by one of my favourite illustrators with the most adorable note inside. We rounded off the night with a thai takeaway and a movie in bed. As I had practicals until quite late on Friday we decided to make it a whole weekend of celebrations.


On Saturday we went off in search of throughly festive sights in London, we started at The Ritz and Fortnum & Masons then headed up Bond Street. The shops are really going all out this year with decorations and I absolutely adore it! Did I mention I love Christmas?! The streets were rammed with Christmas shoppers and sightseers, normally something that makes me want to scream but festive llamas have a whole new level of patience. And that was definitely needed to get some of the photos! I’ve chosen a few of my favourites below…


After a festive wander we refuelled at Peggy Porschen... I’ve been looking forward to this since we were here in October. If you love cake you have to go. Honestly go to Belgravia and have cake. My vocabulary isn’t large enough to explain how divine the cakes are. The seasonal decorations just complete the whole experience, we managed to grab a table inside and defrost. Then ordered slices of our favourites, vanilla cloud and chocolate truffle. Accompanied by potentially the cutest hot chocolate I have ever seen.


After our sugar rush, we headed home to get ready for dinner. Llama supporter booked a restaurant a few weeks ago after a recommendation from a friend. So we headed to Kew to The Glasshouse. It’s a triangular shaped restaurant about 15 paces from Kew Gardens station, we were greeted by a lovely host, had our coats taken and shown to our table. The restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in 2002 and the food was stunning visually, and to the taste. They offer 3 courses for £55.00 per person. With some of the menu options costing slightly more due to their exquisite ingredients. The whole evening was a wonderful dining experience from the amazing staff, that literally leap out of the way as soon as you move in the direction of the bathroom, to the incredible food. I hope we get to return for another special occasion because I loved every minute. If you’re looking for somewhere amazing to celebrate or impress someone I highly recommend it. Llama stamp of approval.


Sunday we had a lazy day, I caught up on work and then we went for a walk around Kenwood House in Hampstead. We managed to catch the last hour of sunlight before heading home with frostbite. The views were particularly lovely as the sun was shining beautifully all day.


After we left Kenwood, we popped to Brent Cross. I was a llama on a mission. Around 8 weeks ago, Jools Oliver uploaded a photo of an adults size ‘Happy’ jumper that matched her current Little Bird children’s range. Anyway, I have been vigilant for 8 weeks, then finally got wind of them being released for them to sell out in a matter of days online. I started to ring round different stores with no luck. I rang Brent Cross to be told they don’t stock any adults clothes… completely incorrect. So on a hunch, we went in. To be greeted with 7 of the jumpers in stock. Cue happy llama dancing like Elmo!

So I’m now sat here in the jumper, feeling very pleased with myself, watching probably the best Christmas film ever. Miracle on 34th Street waiting for dinner! If you don’t feel festive, warm fuzzies after watching this, you’re dead inside. Despite the mild peril mid way through.


This week is looking pretty packed with work and it’s the last push before we break up for Christmas. So there’s nothing planned, as yet, for next weekend. Well apart from work! So watch this space. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be festive.

K x



2 thoughts on “Festive Llama

  1. Beautiful beautiful pictures, everything looked so luxury, and all pictures very sharp and colors bright !!!!!!!!! Very enjoyable, xxxxxx


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