Llamas everywhere

After a very festive and fuzzy weekend in London it was back to reality with a bump. A big bump. I’m currently a very stressed llama… up until 3 days ago this post was called ‘Stressed Llama’. Thankfully, I’m feeling (slightly) less stressed at the moment but now I’ve got a cold… I’m not moaning. But I am fed up!

I’m stressed because:

  • student finance have changed their decision on my loan status and withdrawn all funding. Despite them telling me not to worry they’ll fund me. I have no savings left whatsoever
  • I’m having recurrent horrendous nightmares and flashbacks
  • the heater in my car has stopped working… it’s definitely winter in Bristol
  • my IBS is driving me crazy and I have constant bloat (people offer me seats on the tube)
  • my MacBook is on the blink… despite it only being 2 years old
  • exams are getting closer by the day
  • my rear view mirror has fallen off   …after the purchase of some beautiful pink, yes pink gaffer tape this is no longer a problem. If only I could gaffer tape everything broken in my life

Normally when I’m stressed I either go shopping, have a bath or go for a ride. Unfortunately none of these are really an option at the moment so I had to improvise…

If you recall in last weeks post I mentioned that Paperchase are stocking llama decorations. Well llama supporter bought a box of llamas but I decided they would look so much better on the tree. So I got crafty with them and some Christmas ribbon later they were ready. We then had to wait (so impatiently… me) until 21:45 for the (10ft) tree to arrive!


Cue Noddy Holder and it was soon up. I keep my Christmas OCD quiet but llama supporter saw a flash of it when the baubles came out. Fortunately he thought it was adorable (or he was too scared to say otherwise). Tree finished and we’re still together. I see this as an achievement. Probably on parr with surviving an Ikea trip together.


Ta dahhhh!

After all the festive excitement, we ate gingerbread and caught up with ‘Our Guy in China’. If you haven’t seen it, it’s 3 episodes following Guy Martin around China. Off the beaten tourist track! Despite him putting milk in his tea before the water I could not love him more. His enthusiasm for everything and his sheer determination to break  countless records makes him so lovable. Plus he told me I was a top lass.

Sunday was mostly spent working, with a walk around Hampstead to break up the afternoon! I was on the hunt for Christmas wreaths… not to buy, to photograph. I decided last weekend to post a wreath a day on my Instagram. A great idea to start with. It’s surprising how few people have wreaths. Shame on you people! So I had to work extra hard and cover many llama miles around Hampstead! I won’t bore you with them all, so here are a few of my favourites.


It was then back home for more work with gluten-free, dairy-free pancakes to spur me on whilst llama supporter watched Tottenham lose to Man United (he’s giving me evils whilst I write this). Apparently it’s not something to make fun of.

There are officially five days left of term before Christmas officially starts. Lets be honest, Christmas for me starts the last week of November. Sometimes even as soon as halloween is over! Hopefully, I can get this horrendous finance problem sorted before then and my Mac is going in to the see the special people on Thursday. Thankfully it is still under warranty so lets all pray that it is fixable. I need it for my January exams!

I’m off for a Lush Karma candlelit bath… hopefully further stress reduction!

K x

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