Upset Llama

This post is a few days late… almost a week probably by the time it gets posted. As I said last week, I have felt incredibly stressed recently. Unfortunately my stress levels continued to multiply, resulting in a rather large panic attack which went on for four hours. Thank goodness for 24-hour supermarkets, I did my weekly food shop at 3 am. It’s surprisingly busy at that time of the morning! Three more have occurred since then, thankfully much smaller attacks and (touch wood) I’ve now gone four days without one… Edit – about an hour after I wrote this I had another one. I’m hoping they are done with now for good. I just want to enjoy home and Christmas!

Friday, llama supporter picked me up and we went for a pub lunch before driving back to London to go to a Christmas party! Cue my favourite tutu, prosecco, Christmas carols and writing your name with your bum to music. If you struggle with dancing, please try it. Apart from being ridiculously amusing, it gets you wiggling to music.

Unfortunately the night didn’t end as I expected. Llama supporters friends who were at the pub, thought it would be humorous to comment on his apparent appearance on Facebook. But chose my friends photo that I was also tagged in as well as some others. They didn’t openly state who their target was and unlucky for them, they picked a photo uploaded by the Queen of Darkness. Who was subsequently woken from her slumber to a succession of ridiculous comments. Kermit style typing followed. I feel even now they don’t quite realise the results of their actions. I think if she ever meets them she’ll be wearing their testicles as slippers.

There will always be a division of opinion on this, but for me, I have a zero tolerance policy now. Literally zero. Once someone has one strike, they’re out. The comments have now been deleted and people have been blocked. Even though they apologised, to me that makes no difference. As my friends will know I have removed people from my life for much less. I can hold a grudge for eternity and contrary to belief it doesn’t eat me up or take up my life. It actually gives you a wonderful warm glow, especially when others eventually see people for what they are. I just have an exceptional memory and no time in my already stress ridden life for humans that make me feel bad about myself or ruin happy times.

We went to explore Kenwood House and Hampstead on Saturday to take photos of the grounds in the thick fog. Below are a few of my favourite shots that I managed to get before my fingers started to fall off. I also took some shots on my film camera too, so am excited to see how they come out. We then went home to defrost.


Llama supporter went to a birthday party in the evening, whilst I had a date with the Strictly Come Dancing final and a movie. Moonrise Kingdom. If you haven’t seen it, please check it out. You can download it on Amazon. It’s beautifully weird and wonderful.

On Sunday llama supporter and I were lucky enough to catch up with Miss Hermes and Mr Marvel over brunch at The Diner in Spitafields. After a stressful few days it was just the remedy I needed. No matter how long we go without seeing each other, as soon as we meet up it feels like no time has passed at all. After we stuffed ourselves with food, we went for a wander around the market to check out the adorable stalls. We also ventured to Brick Lane Market and Dark Sugars (photos below). Before heading home for dinner and then a short drive back to my house.


Monday llama supporter and I ventured into town with Maggot and Twin Oven for some last minute shopping and lunch. I was excited to see the new Joules, Cath Kidston and John Lewis that have recently opened… I’m sad I know. We then headed home to watch Love Actually, as I had never seen it. Much to llama supporters horror. I imagined it to be much more emotionally draining than it was. So was pleasantly surprised and will probably watch it again over the festive season! Any excuse to watch Hugh!

On Tuesday we went to visit my favourite New Forester and her lovely menagerie of animals! The rest of the morning was spent on muddy walks with the best dogs I know before feeding the chickens, ducks and sheep. To me this is the best possible use of time at home. Outdoors surrounded by animals. Then it was all too soon for llama supporter to go back to London and my flashcards to make an appearance!


As you can see all the dogs were thrilled with their festive makeovers!

Wednesday was spent surrounded by piles of flashcards and with a constant cat companion in the form of Sebbie. Sit down for 10 seconds and she appears and makes herself comfortable! She is technically a munchkin cat, the smallest of her litter, despite being 7 years old she still looks like a kitten. She has the most sass and attitude I’ve ever known in a cat. Even though she has no teeth, due to gingivitis and her legs are too short to strike out at anyone she still rules the roost.

Thanks to the Queen of Darkness, I inherited the most amazing box of flashcards last year so I’m spending my time testing myself with those until I have gone over everything. Then it’s time to move on to the stuff I can’t remember or don’t know. Probably a large proportion. The fear is yet to set in, thankfully. I’m just hoping I can get through these and give myself a good grounding for the summer exams. If not, there’s always gin.

On Thursday afternoon, as a break from revision, Mummy Sue and I went to visit friends and take homemade mince pies, sausage rolls, cakes and cards. We have a list of people that we visit every year in the run up to Christmas. And every time Mum takes more food. Thankfully she missed a parcel of sausage rolls for someone when she was handing over mince pies otherwise I may have wasted away. Five hours driving around Essex. But hopefully the festive cheer was appreciated! And we managed to catch the most amazing views of the sun setting on our travels.


Its now Christmas Eve Eve… or Friday if you want to be boring. I’m in for Christmas now. We faced Tesco at 10.30pm yesterday and it was packed. I refuse to go out and see anymore hoomans now until at least the 27th. So today will be spent revising Immunology… yuck. Then finishing the last minute present wrapping. Our planned big family Christmas has now been slightly altered due to illness, so I’m not quite sure how the day will pan out now. But it will no doubt be full of food, love and silly games.


My secret weapon in the Christmas present wrapping game.

No matter how you spend it, make it a memorable for the right reasons. Tell people you love them, fall asleep feeling fat and wear silly hats.

K x


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