Christmas Llama

After all the faff and changing plans, Christmas actually came off, dare I say better than ever! We had 4 days of family gatherings, fun and sleepovers. With a surprise visit from my llama supporter on Christmas Day, completely unexpected and wonderful, sealing the day as the best one to date. Present opening in our household is traditionally done in the evening, when we’re all together and everyone takes a turn… meaning that many people are caught poking pretty wrapped gifts all day. The main culprit is Granddad. I think he uses his age as an excuse to get away with more every year. He also loves to leave the wrappers from the Quality Street and Heroes in the box! Meaning that as Christmas goes on you have to search deeper and deeper to find any form of chocolate!


The Christmas Day lunch gang


We trialled a new game this year as well as all the regular ones. The new one was inspired by watching a video on Facebook. The potato game. I would upload a video… But WordPress will charge me to upgrade my account to do that and I’m still fighting Student Finance. So you can watch a short clip of it on my Facebook. Basically you have to move as fast as you can with a potato between your thighs… yes we’re all crazy… towards a bucket, then drop the potato in the bucket before running back. First team to finish wins. Much hilarity ensued, but nobody fell over thankfully. Most importantly nobody fell out either, this family is fiercely competitive when it comes to party games. I think it will be a new tradition for many Christmases to come. We then thought it was best to play Charades for a bit to chill out, but this wasn’t much calmer due to the acting skills of some family members!

We all received wonderful, thoughtful gifts this year. Some more perfect than I could have ever hoped for. I know Christmas isn’t all about the presents but I love watching people open gifts that you’ve taken thought and care over. Seeing the joy on their faces is genuinely priceless. This year I went all out. With the gifts and the presentation. I love a bow and ribbons and labels… oh my, just all of it. I live for Christmas. I would happily work in a store wrapping presents for people who lack the skills! And the shopping, I love every part of it. I honestly think I’m part elf.

Mummy Sue made me potentially one of the best gifts I have ever received. She knitted me a unicorn. Called Maud. Apparently its taken her ages and she only finished it Christmas Eve. I wondered why she was being uncharacteristically antisocial! Mystery solved… unless of course she was using that as an excuse for some time without me.



I also received a very exciting and thoughtful gift from the Hipster Lawyer and the Queen of Textiles… but I’m keeping that a secret for now, as it will have a blog post completely dedicated to it! So keep your eyes peeled. I know it’s going to be one of my favourite parts of 2017 already.

Family Christmases in the llama household run from 1st of December until the 6th of January but the actually gathering period is Christmas Eve until 27th. During this time the house is full of humans and animals. Maggot and Dr Lloydberg bring their cats with them, Nan and Granddad are here for every meal. And every nap. Every day starts with eating bagels in your pyjamas, before games, food, games, food, dancing, games, food, snacks. I have even had a break from revision, although that was far too short lived!

We’re now in that lovely period between Christmas and the end of the year when you don’t know what day it is, how many times you’ve eaten today and searching for clothes that still fit your expanding waist! But most importantly, trying to work out if the supermarket is open for more milk because your family can drink more tea than the whole of China. It’s also the calm before the storm and everyone comes back for New Years Eve celebrations. My family loves any excuse for a party and food.

I’m feeling quite reflective about the past year, it’s been a bit full on, so I’ve decided to dedicate a whole post to that instead of boring you all with it now. Another excuse for procrastination. So I’ll leave this here.

Warm, fuzzy feelings and Christmas love to all.

K x


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