Reflective Llama

I can’t believe Christmas has been and gone already and we’re just days and hours away from 2017. This year has been completely off the plan. Not great for an easily stressed llama. A year ago I had so many plans for this year. Many of which have actually worked out.

A few of the main ones have gone off so far from the track ,that I had to give up hope of ever getting them back and just going with it. Something completely alien to me. But as they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Unfortunately, the things that go wrong can overshadow the good things that happen. I’m not the type of person that demands their own way. I work hard for my goals and the things I want to achieve. But sometimes you really have to question what on earth you have to do to actually get to where you want to be. At the moment, everything is still up in the air with regards to Student Finance. Anything could happen with them in control. I really hope, that they change their decision and I can get funding again. Without that, the vet dream will be over.

Unfortunately I don’t have a crystal ball, so only time will tell. I’m trying to be positive instead! So with that in mind, I’ve decided to make this more of a top moments of 2016 than a depressing round up. And when you look at the bigger picture, many great things happened this year! Here are a few of my favourites!


Celebrating the end of exams with these lovely ladies.


Roller Disco Fun


Llama supporters birthday…


And Jersey Boys


Wonderful housemates


Countless walks with my favourite canines.


Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats


James Bay with Bae


Llama supporter gave me my camera, the first of many photography adventures


Biscuit arrived in his full adorable fashion


Vintage fair surprise


Countless shopping trips with the Queen of Darkness

( I think this was a more mellow day, I can see grey with the black!)


Royal Ascot Day


The first trip to Peggy Porschen that spawned an addiction


Vet Placements = Chicken cuddles


Passing my tractor & trailer test… I can now confidently reverse park a loaded trailer

Don’t cut me up.


Fortnum & Masons – British Summer time in Hyde Park – Absolutely Fabulous


London Eye


Sheesh for my Birthday… post hospital discharge


Columbia Road Flower Market


Sheep shopping in Devon. Potentially the most entertaining drive home of my life.




I had the honour this year of being Bridesmaid twice! To Mr & Mrs Memoir and to Gavalar & Samikins. Both beautiful days and I’m certain the beginnings of lifetimes of happiness. I love love!

Gavalar and I were born three days apart in the same hospital. Even though we’re cousins, we’re more like brother and sister without the arguments. We’ve stuck together through so much and I couldn’t be prouder of the person he has become.


A new chapter in Vet School life – finally country living, in the cutest cottage ever


Dairy placement adorableness


Complete with family fun and cute puppies.

I was so lucky to stay at my cousins house whilst on my dairy placement. I think it instantly became one of my favourite places in the universe.


Cheddar Gorge

We fought, wind, hail and landslides to get to the top. Just for photos.


David Attenborough talk


Back to Peggy Porschen for Halloween


London Poppy Run with Maggot and Dr Lloydberg


Sky Garden before Kevin Morby gig


Castle Coombe


Surprise visit – gits


Soiree fun


You can’t keep me away… December at Peggy Porschen


1 year anniversary with Boo


The most wonderful Christmas

I have also managed to tick quite a few things off of the ‘Things to keep sad llamas happy’ list. This was something I started in October to help me get through the Vet School year. We’re almost half way (thank god) and I’ve already ticked off 18/31. Some things have been done more than once, lush bubble baths, walks etc but that’s the whole idea. It’s a list of things that I know make me happy when I’m having a bad day, or week, or month!

I feel so much more positive now than I have for quite some time. Despite the potential change afoot I actually feel ok. Without a doubt some of that new found positivity is definitely due to this blog. I know you may think that’s crazy but just having something to do that’s not stressful is amazing. And it gets me out of the house to take photos and explore new places. Which will always be a good thing. I’m sure I push my llama supporter to the edges of patience when I’m taking photos of his food or him. But it has honestly brought me so much joy, more than I could have imagined. So thank you. A huge massive thank you to you all for taking the time to read it, comment on it, suggest new places and for just telling me you enjoy it.

As for everything else, if it’s meant to be it will be, I won’t go down without a fight. But sometimes things do have to change. At the time it’s the worst thing, but looking back after time it usually turns out to be the best thing. I know I need to be kinder to myself, otherwise I might die of stress. So 2017 will be more about fun, love, and doing whatever makes you happy.

Right now it’s time to get back to my notes before everyone comes back for New Years fun and games.

Have a joyful New Year however you celebrate. Forget the resolutions, just do what makes you happy.

K x

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