Llama Photography

Things haven’t quite gone to plan. I am currently on the sofa under a duvet. With two broken toes. I’d like to say I had an accident worthy of the injury but alas no. I fell up the stairs and landed with them all bent the wrong way. I’m sat here feeling sorry for myself, the cats think my bandaged toes are the best toy they’ve had in ages. So I have decided to dedicate this post to photos. A different kind to normal. At the start of winter my llama supporter bought me another camera. This time a film camera, a Nikon F65. Much like my other camera I have no idea what I’m doing, but it’s fun and that’s the most important part. I am now on my second reel of film. I felt the familiar childhood excitement when I got them back from being developed. I remember the fun we had after a holiday when the photos arrived in the post. I was worried what might greet me, but was pleasantly surprised. There’s so much more pressure to get a nice photo when you have to pay to see them!

So here they are. Some of them are a bit odd as I was trying to get used to the camera, but thought I’d include them regardless!


I’m not going to lie. I took this by accident as I loaded the film. The mess all belongs to llama supporter


Llama supporter generally looks like this when I try to take a shot.


Sunlight on the bed


Road trip to Brean, Somerset


Road trip to Brean, Somerset


Llama supporter in Brean, Somerset (moaning that I’m snapping him)


Llama supporter in Brean, Somerset


Llama supporter in Brean, Somerset (catalogue pose)


And again.




Fisherman on the beach


Slightly darker…


Again… I was trying to get the light on the tide right. Darker and my favourite


Combination of all. The clouds were amazing


Sassy swan in Castle Combe


I think he was used to being photographed by tourists


My angelic side


Maggot and Dr Lloydberg in Cheddar, Somerset


Scenery in Cheddar


And again, I just love that tree.


A very foggy day in Hampstead


Im really pleased with how the silhouette of leaves at the top came out


Black and white photography and fog is such an amazing combination on film.


I love how eerie these are. Again outside Kenwood House


I really wish these were brighter. The beautiful little robin was so patience


Still in Kenwood House gardens. The birds began to roost early in the fog. I was desperate to get a shot of the parakeets that live in the grounds with the other wildlife. You can just about make one out, second photo down in the shot with the rook. They taunt you and constantly shout so you know they’re there. I’m quite pleased with most of these. I took the same series on my other camera in colour and deleted them all. They just didn’t work with the brown, dull tones.

So there we go, I hope that wasn’t dreadfully boring for you all. But I’m not having the most exciting week due to my club foot. Thankfully I managed to get home after exams, and relax for a few days with Mummy Sue and all my fluffies. My car is also finally fixed. Hooooooraaaaah! After 4 months without a heater. I can confirm driving in a car in the snow with no heater isn’t the most fun I’ve ever had. Especially when it’s colder inside than out. But thankfully that is a now a distant memory!

I can promise the next post will be much more exciting. Llama supporter has arranged a surprise for Saturday and I have no clue what it is! Or even what it could involve, I will fill you all in on that next week. And update you on the toe situation. If it gets any worse I’ll have to remove them.

K x

Ps. If anyone has any recommendations for photography locations or fun events, please let me know! I’m always looking to explore new places. The quirkier the better!

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