Shopping Llama

I know I said in the last post that the next one would be about this weekend and the surprise but I thought I’d add a quick post in first about my new items I found whilst hitting all the sales recently! Apologies, expect the next post in a matter of days. The surprise event is tomorrow and I’ve had an exciting day today to tell you all about too!

So despite previous shopping bans, I hit the post Christmas sales and treated myself to some new Lush products from their Valentines range! I mean who can resist rainbow unicorn horn bubble bars?! So I decided to dedicate this post to my new purchases! The links to the items are highlighted in pink, a lot of them are now out of stock online, but the local store stock is much more extensive! There are some incredible reductions in store at the moment. If, like most students, you just received a nice fresh new loan instalment, you’ll know the sales look even more appealing.

So first up, Lush! After living with the Queen of Lush last year (how that woman doesn’t get commission I’ll never know), I have now become obsessed with everything. I can always come up with an excuse for a new bubble bar or bomb. Who doesn’t want to get out of a bath looking like a unicorn, and they make your room smell divine whilst you are waiting to use them. I waited, not so patiently for the Lush Valentine’s range to hit the website. Added one of everything to my basket then had a crisis so decided on 2 unicorn horn bubble bars and a cupid bath bomb. Mid way through exams I also bought a Sakura bath bomb and a Titsy Tosty bath bomb to add to my collection.


In the Summer, whilst scanning through Instagram as I always seem to be, I spotted a jacket in New Look, to be released later in the year. It was teasing me for months until it was released with a £45.00 price tag. It was a bit of an anticlimax, and couldn’t justify it. In the meantime, Maggot bought me an early Christmas present in the shape of my customised vintage shearling jacket. Which I am so in love with. So imagine my surprise when a Facebook advert shows me the very jacket in question reduced to £13.50 in the January sale! As I already have my jacket I still thought it would be a waste of money for me despite the huge reduction. So I nabbed one and have put it away as a gift for Mummy Sue, as it is completely her style and I know she’ll love it! If you are interested in buying one of these I would recommend going up a size, as they come up quite narrow on the shoulders.


Next up, Victoria Secrets and Pink. I was pleasantly surprised by the Black Friday deals they had in store so was hopeful for the January sale too. Currently they are selling bras reduced by 50% and knickers for £3.00 a pair, the same offers apply in Pink too. Lounge wear, pyjamas and sports wear also have reductions. I managed to pick up lots of new knickers because quite frankly you can never have enough, but won’t subject you to those. Instead I’ll show you the two tops and an incredibly cosy jumper I decided on all from Pink. The grey sequin top was £32.50 reduced to £16.00, the red naughty top from their Christmas range was £24.50 down to £12.00. The oversized jumper, which I have had my eye on for a while, was £49.50 down to £24.00. I suggest you check in stores if you are interested in some bargains as there isn’t as much online. All stores except the New Bond Street store in London have the Semi-Annual sale on. The very bright pink lounge trousers are from Boux Avenue originally £25.00 which I managed to get for £8.00! They’re still advertised as £10.00 online, all sale items now have an extra 20% off in store. They are not something I will be sporting outside the house, but will be perfect for study days.


Finally we have a beautiful new scarf from Joules. I definitely didn’t need this, but I don’t care I love it. And I will happily eat baked potatoes for the near future to justify it. Joules can do no wrong in my eyes, I’ve always bought their polo tops for riding and slowly moved to buying their casual clothing too. I love bright and colourful scarfs, they make me feel happy when I wear them. And cosy which is something I crave to feel every day at the moment! This was £30.00 down to £9.95. A complete steal, this one is now out of stock online but many of the local stores still have it and many others too. If you like the pattern but want it in the new season colours then you can find it here. 


So there we have it, I hope that wasn’t too mind numbing for you! That will probably be the last of my spending for a while (honestly, I’m trying really, really hard). We’re about to hit birthday season in my family and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I need to prioritise money!

K x

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