Excited Llama

I know, another post already. I’m sorry but I’ve had a busy, but lovely weekend! And I’m procrastinating to the max.

It started with an appointment at Beauty on the Hill in Muswell Hill for a Shellac manicure and some eyebrow attention. Llama Supporter’s mum had kindly arranged this for me as a Christmas present. And post exams was perfect timing! I’m not going to show you the ‘before’ eyebrows… I had taken to wearing a hat at all times. I was sporting what could only be described as Amazonian caterpillars on my forehead. Thankfully they have now been tamed. I’ve been told if I touch them at all between now and the next time they are done then they will be a lost cause! Harsh words! Apparently like most people I over pluck them. This is unsurprising to me, as they seem to never cease growing. They’re still a source of self consciousness. I feel like I look like The Hood from Thunderbirds.


An actual photo of my new eyebrows

The lovely beautician then set about making my nails look pretty. I’m not sure if it’s due to my diet, but I’ve had a run of snapping off nails left, right and centre. So I’m hoping now that they have had some attention they will be better! I went for a pale pink glitter! Which I’m obsessed with. Photos really don’t do the glitter justice, I feel even more like a unicorn now.


After all the pampering, we went for an early evening wander around Kenwood House, our favourite haunt for watching the sunset over the city. It was a perfectly cloudless sky, and absolutely freezing. After a short time watching the sunset and chasing cute, fluffy dogs we headed home for a warm and some vegan stew. Llama Supporter thought it would be an excellent idea to spice it up slightly with some chilli. From this experience, it is clear we have very different taste buds. Llama Supporter must have lost all sense in his because I had actual tears in my eyes trying to eat my dinner. Two glasses of milk and a bowl of ice cream later, the steam had finally stopped coming out of my ears as we watched The Crown.


In November Llama Supporter informed me he had arranged a surprise for after the January exams. He didn’t let on about anything else except that it would make me feel fluffy. The day finally arrived, after some advice on what to wear, we set off for the tube station. Llama Supporter thought it would be hilarious to pretend to get off at every stop on the Northern Line until we reached our actually stop, Old Street.

We then marched (it was v.cold) in the direction of Shoreditch… was it a date at Andina? Nope.

Past Brick Lane… down Bethnal Green Road to finally stopping outside Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium! Afternoon tea with cats. A perfect Saturday afternoon in my eyes. Cats and cake. We waited to be collected by a cat carer, then told how the place works and the cat rules before being shown to our table. Llama Supporter had already booked cream teas. The warm scones, jam and clotted creams promptly arrived with enough tea to fill 3 cups each.


They have lots of freshly made cakes and bagels on the menu if you don’t fancy an afternoon cream tea. All of which looked delicious as it past us on it’s way to other customers.

After we had devoured our food, we then set about seeing which cats were awake and wanting attention. The cafe is designed completely with the cats in mind. They have many places out of reach, that they can retire to when humans become too much. They also get to go home with staff on a rotation basis so they get to experience a more regular life too. The cafe is split on over 2 floors. We sat on the top floor, luckily where most of the cats were napping between a quick patrol around to see if they could claim anyones bags or coats as their own. Downstairs in the basement, they have installed a tree structure in the middle with bridges and many hiding holes for the cats. Naturally they were fighting over one bed in a room of every cat bed you can imagine.

There are boxes of toys and brushes around the cafe to help you interact with the cats. Llama Supporter and I found Artemis who asked politely to have her hair brushed. On top of the radiator, before turning round and waiting for us to do the other side. There is a short bio about each cat on the website, and they all have their own Twitter accounts.

After a lot of cat cuddles and love we set off home feeling warm and fuzzy. I was more than pleasantly surprise by the Cat Emporium, the cats are always the first priority and are cared for so well. I can’t wait to return! Please look away now (scroll fast) if you don’t want to see 30+ cat photos.


So there we have it! If you’re still reading. A cat lovers dream! If you’re ever looking for something to do in Shoreditch then I highly recommend it. You have to book in advance as it is very popular, but they have deals and offers on. They also run knitting and crochet nights and other fun things so check out their calendar!

Right now we’re off to Regent’s Park for a wander before an afternoon of baking and movies. Back to reality tomorrow. But I’m feeling much happier than I have for quite a while.

Much love

K x

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