Wandering Llama

Breath a sigh of relief this is a short but sweet post! About our better than expected Sunday jaunt.

On a whim, Llama supporter and I went for a wander in the sunshine to Regent’s Park, accompanied by our cameras, naturally. It was a beautiful yet cold day, but was nice to be out in the sunshine. We caught the tube to Mornington Crescent and then circumnavigated the local area (we even managed to spot the London Zoo giraffes as they came to say hello) before actually going in the park. Even in mid-January the park is so pretty. And there is still plenty to see, including every dog breed you could ever imagine out on a walk. I felt like I was in the opening scene of 101 Dalmatians when Pongo is admiring all the dogs and owners who look alike. The lake was frozen and full of ducks, swans, moorhens and gulls falling over. We sat on a jetty to admire the stunning scenery and watch the birds try to work out why they couldn’t get at the water. This made for excellent photo opportunities, which I took full advantage of! What started as a gentle, relaxing Sunday afternoon mooch turned into a 6 mile walk ending on Primrose Hill to watch the sunset (along with half of London it seemed).


After all that activity, it naturally called for a Lush fuelled bath, followed by Wagamama’s whilst we watched The Crown. We are only 4 episodes in and I’m already addicted! If I hadn’t promised to only watch it with Llama supporter, I would probably have binge watched the whole thing already!

Which is where I’m off to now! At the moment we still don’t have any plans for this weekend. If anyone knows of anything fun going on please let me know! Expect ramblings and photos in the next post regardless!

Much love

K x

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