All-Terrain Llama

After some research into fun things to do at the weekend we settled on a road trip to Exmoor to see the ponies (naturally) and the scenery. A quick check of the weather scuppered our plans. Seeing as I don’t own a boat and I’m pretty sure Ford KA’s don’t float, we decided that we would have to leave it until another weekend.

So instead we set off for Glastonbury between showers! Thankfully we arrived just after a huge rainstorm which made for stunning scenery as the sun broke through the clouds. Shod in wellies we set off across the fields in the direction of the Tor. Little did we know we had chosen the difficult route. Not one recommend for anyone who has a fear of heights. We almost made it without calamity until I fell over with both my cameras round my neck. I successfully saved them both, apart from managing to dislodge a lens cap. But didn’t save my dignity or my jeans unfortunately.

We soldiered on, despite being an injured, muddy llama. Luckily the views were worth my bruised knees. Unfortunately we arrived the same time as a coach party of French teenagers, so it was packed. But they soon left and we managed to have a look around. Llama supporter tried his best to encourage the sheep grazing the Tor to come closer for a photo, but they were hard to convince.

As always, I went to town with the photos on both cameras and can’t wait to finish my film to get them developed. Here are a selection… I would like to point out this is literally a fraction of the photos on my camera. Scroll fast if sheep and Somerset scenery aren’t your thing.


We then trekked home to defrost our ears, eat home-made Nachos and watch The Crown (there’s only 2 episodes left,.. whaaaaaaa).

Sunday was supposed to be full of films, baking and duvets. It was full of films and duvets. But unfortunately, I’ve felt unwell all week and it seems to be getting worse not better. Hopefully the bloods I had last week will throw some light on the situation. So baking was removed from the agenda. It hasn’t stopped raining since last night. I’ve drawn up plans for an ark and have order sand bags in preparation. We decided to brave the rain and go for dinner at The Plough in Wrington for burger night to cheer ourselves up.


We shared the charcuterie board to start. Then I chose the chicken supreme burger –  chicken, brie, cranberry sauce and salad with skinny fries. Llama supporter went for the dirty fries – skinny fries, pulled pork, jalapeños and melted cheese. As always, the food was absolutely incredible, as was the gin. There was no room for dessert despite my heart telling me to have the tiramisu. We waddled back up the hill home to finish The Crown (insert tears here) and slip into a food coma.

As usual the weekend has flown past.  This week is picking up again with lecture hours, practicals and assignments. Christmas break is now nothing but a distant memory, I’m already counting down to Easter (9 weeks!). I’m back to counselling again on Wednesday, so hopefully that will help to improve my stress levels and general well being too. If not, all is not lost, we have a special house guest this week (excited llama) and I’m off home next weekend which is always good for the soul.

K x

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