Positive Llama

So it’s been a while since I last posted. Much has occurred! Unfortunately my funding issues are still anybodies guess but everything else is moving in the right direction.

I was lucky enough to get home for the weekend last week to spend some time with my family and my fluffies. It was nice to have some time to relax and unwind after a few intense weeks at uni. I even managed some shopping with Maggot (more on that in a later post). I also stayed there until results came out incase I needed moral support! Luckily, my results exceeded my expectations so much that I cried. I didn’t even dare to dream that they would be that good. They have spurred me on to study even more for summer exams and I have already formulated a plan (I love a plan!). So hopefully that and my mountains of flashcards will send me off in the right direction.

As well as my results, I am currently 2 weeks and counting without a panic attack. Another victory. I am trying really hard this year to see the positive bits in life. For me the Winter is always a depressing time (apart from Christmas of course) and I struggle to feel motivated and active, especially when it is dark for so long. This year has been particularly bad for me. My worst yet. But now hopefully as the nights slowly but surely get lighter and longer I can feel my mood lifting (obviously helped by my results). That may sound strange to some but it honestly makes such a difference to me. I’m always happier if the sun is shining. I probably didn’t pick the best Vet School for annual rainfall to sunshine ratio.

This weekend Maggot graced us with her presence by coming to stay. After a seven and a half hour journey she eventually arrived and we started the weekend with a few competitive rounds of the Friends quiz with Llama Supporter, the Queen of Darkness and the next Alan Sugar. The Queen of Darkness won, her love of 90’s Chandler has improved her Friends general knowledge no end.

On Saturday we ventured to the Mendips in the snow, for a walk and some photography, naturally. The scenery was stunning, helped by the flurry of snow that hung around all day. After a four hour wander we headed home to defrost and eat.


We tried to get into the local pub for dinner, the food there is honestly amazing. Which apparently everyone knows as it was fully booked for the whole evening. So instead we took Maggot for her first ever trip to Las Iguanas! I know, she hasn’t lived. I branched out this time and had the cranberry and crayfish salad. I had a plan, I wasn’t leaving without churros and there is no way I could fit them in as well as chilli or a burger! Needs must. We waddled home via Millennium Square to try to get featured in a music video they were filming.

Sunday we hit Cabot Circus for a mooch as Maggot wanted to head back to Suffolk in good time, scarred by her Friday night traffic nightmare. Safe to say the whole of Bristol was out. I almost had a seizure in Paperchase when Llama Supporter called me over to a double stand display of Llama products. I didn’t know what to do with myself and we spent about 40 minutes in the store. FYI if anyone wants to start birthday shopping for me now, any item will be greatly appreciated, they can all be found here. The real reason for going there in the first place was to find a frame for a photo Llama Supporter had printed for me. Of my favourite canines and me on a walk. I managed to find an adorable black frame with a white mount which complimented the photo perfectly.


Sunday afternoon was spent revising neutering dogs, cleaning the bathroom and catching up on washing. So rock and roll it hurts. This week is going to be full on. Deadlines are starting to loom and revision is calling already.

This week is also special for two reasons,  if you hadn’t noticed, it’s Valentine’s Day on Tuesday and it’s Llama Supporter’s birthday on Thursday. I have even managed to pull off a surprise for him. Me surprising him for once. He is completely in the dark about what it is,  all he knows is the date of said event. Which you will definitely hear about in a future post. I’m so excited about it I’m not quite sure how I have managed to keep it under wraps. I just really hope he likes it after all this!

I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

K x

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