Cultural Llama

So this week has been quite busy with uni and even socially! The Queen of Darkness and I started the week off positively with a step class at the gym. This is may be my first and only attendance. I walked like John Wayne until Thursday. I think I’ll stick to spin classes and home work outs. At least I didn’t fall on my face, have to look on the bright side!

On Tuesday as I had a full day of lectures and practicals, Llama Supporter cooked me dinner for Valentine’s Day. He did a superb job, but I neglected to take a photo. So you will have to take my word for it. To round off the evening we watched The Theory of Everything. We’ve been meaning to watch it for ages but I have been putting it off as I doubted my abilities to deal with the emotions. I was so right. I have been doing quite well with panic attacks and trying to stay calm recently when stressed. But something that has come from nowhere is a complete and utter lack of control of my tear ducts. I cried in East Finchley Tesco earlier. I cried on the tube. I cried in the bath. I cried on the motorway. Llama Supporter needs a gold medal for the amount of times he’s had to deal with a tearful llama this week. Apart from it being dreadfully embarrassing in public, it’s so draining! Hopefully it’s just a result of stress or I’m unwell and it’ll pass as quickly as it arrived. Anyway, back to the film. If you haven’t seen it, don’t let my ridiculous emotions put you off. It’s a wonderful film and so incredibly well acted. You have to remind yourself it’s not actually Stephen Hawkins. I’m not exaggerating I’m in tears again now.

Moving on swiftly, as I mentioned in the last post, it was also Llama Supporters birthday this week. We had belated celebrations in London this weekend. We went for an afternoon wander round Belgravia, of course we stopped off at Peggy Porschen for celebratory cake. Or in Llama Supporters case, two cakes. Then on to Chelsea to take photos, dare I say some even looked spring like. The celebrations continued with dinner at the ever wonderful Cote with the Llama Supporter, the Hipster Lawyer, and Señor & Señorita Nerd. We rounded off the evening with an episode from Llama Supporter’s favourite human… Louis Theroux.


Yes that is a llama on my jumper. An actual llama jumper. This amazing find was courtesy of the Queen of Textiles. And I couldn’t love it more. It is genuinely the best thing ever. And I am eternally grateful to her for finding it for me!  I would add the link to it but unfortunately it is now sold out, clearly llamas are extremely popular.

We ended the weekend celebrations with a trip to the Tate Britain. We ventured there on a whim, as we hadn’t been before and thought it was a good way to spend a Sunday. It was relatively busy as it’s still half term, but we managed to see all the exhibitions and read all the descriptions with ease. It’s hard to believe that some of the portraits that adorn the walls date back to 1640 when they remain so vibrant and eye catching. I could have spent all day gazing at the Stubbs and Constable paintings, my two favourites of all the artists on display. Stubbs helps feed my love of horses and Constable makes me home sick with all the landmarks and scenery of Essex, Suffolk and even Hampstead. I won’t subject you to all of the 60+ photos I took in the galleries but have picked a few of my favourites out.


They currently have a David Hockney exhibition on at the Tate Britain too. Something I definitely want to go back to see, there was an hour queue for tickets today and even then you couldn’t get in before 6pm so we decided we will have to return. It’s open until 29th May and if you are interested you can find out more about it (including tickets) here. 


After that photo overload I better sign off. Just whizzed back to Bristol in the fog and am now in bed waiting for my photos to upload. I feel like I need another weekend to recover from this one! Apart from the uncontrollable tears, its been a lovely couple of days of celebrations and adventures. But now it’s back to the grind, this week is full of lectures, practicals and essay writing. I fear its going to go in a flash and my to do list is almost as long as my arm!

So on that note I’m off to sleep! Will fill you in on everything in the next post.

Much love,

K x

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