Lucky Llama

I’m procrastinating, I should be writing a neurology paper but I can’t get in the right mind set and it’s annoying me. So instead I’m listening to Rodriguez – I Wonder (I have it on repeat) and deciding what to include in this post. On the subject of Rodriguez, if you haven’t already, check out Searching for Sugar Man on Netflix. An amazing story of a really wonderful, humble man.

But back to blogging, since I last posted, I was extremely lucky to receive a Happiness Planner! Something I have been longing for since I discovered the website. But felt it wasn’t something I could justify at the moment as they retail for £20-£50 depending on which one you chose. Fortunately as I follow the company on Facebook, I saw a lovely post which stated that they were giving a few planners away as part of a kindness campaign to people that couldn’t afford them but could benefit from one. So I took the plunge and emailed them. An absolute essay. As I didn’t hear anything from them for a while I thought I hadn’t been lucky. But that wasn’t the case, and I received the beautiful serenity and rose quartz year planner in the post! They are currently on sale for £34.00 as now it’s March and the January and February sections are redundant. This alone was enough to boost my happiness through the roof before I had even used it. They are beautifully designed and now I am lucky to have one, I will definitely be investing in another one for next year. Not only are they gorgeous and easy to use, but they help me reflect and highlight positive life moments even on really bad days. And to me, especially at the moment, that is priceless.

Expect to see lots of this on my Instagram over the next 10 months!


As well as my wonderful new planner, I have a few other new items my life. Since my last post about wardrobe additions I have been exceptionally lucky in sale hunting and even donations and gifts from lovely humans. So as even further procrastination I thought I would take photos of them and show you. Llama Supporter deserves the gold medal from Boyfriends of Instagram for his photography skills!


First up is this amazing taffeta swing dress from Collectif this is the first time I have bought from them online. I was slightly worried as I usually go to their Spitafields store, as I find that each of their designs comes up in a slightly different size, so prefer to try before I buy. Thankfully it fits perfectly and the bow helps to pull it all in at the waist. This absolute beauty was a steal at £18.25 reduced from £72.50. It’s still available online along with many other gorgeous items which you can find here. I feel like Audrey Hepburn in it, now all I need is an excuse to wear it.


Next we have the most Instagrammed jumper of the season from Marks & Spencer. I think this is the first time I have ever bought an item of clothing from M&S. Either I’m getting old or they’re becoming more fashionable. I like to think the latter of the two. The jumper comes in either grey or pale pink and is currently £35.00, but completely and utterly worth every penny. I love it. Both colours are selling out fast online but most of the stores still have all the sizes. You can find it here. I went for the grey as the pink made me look paler than ever. It’s ultra cosy and the sleeves make me feel very flamboyant! The jeans were very kindly donated to me by Maggot as they were unfortunately the wrong size for her. Thankfully unlike her, my booty is nonexistent so they fitted perfectly. They are from Primark and the Mom style cut, which seems to be growing in popularity especially as now the 90’s style seems like it’s here to stay. The K choker is also from Primark and was a gift along with another one from the Queen of Darkness on a shopping expedition last week. Lastly we have the shoes, I spotted these on a snap from the Henna goddess and she swiftly informed me they were from New Look. I didn’t have much hope of finding them as they are on sale from £24.99 down to £10.00 but luckily I grabbed the last pair in the Bristol store. They come in three colours and are wide fit so ultra comfortable. You can find them here. Once again these are a nod to the 90’s, a decade where everyone wore a mule!


Yes another item… two actually. The body is from Victoria Secret £28.00 down to £8.00. I’m not sure about other stores, but the Bristol one still has some of these in stock, as well as a slightly different style in black. Unfortunately they are no longer available online, the stores have a much larger range of items in the sale. This may be due to the fact that the Queen of Darkness went on a bit of a spending spree and purchased nearly all of it. On that point actually, if you are currently on the hunt for any of the Toy Story Vans they are also residing in her wardrobe… all of them. The hat is from Accessorize, again in the sale, of course it was, this was £29.00 down to £7.00. I love a hat and at the moment Accessorize are selling all of theirs off. If you have a wedding or are going to the races this year I suggest you check them out as they have huge reductions on all kinds of hats and accessories.


Lastly, we have this adorable top from Joules. I already have this with gold bees on and couldn’t resist it in silver too. The only very slightly annoying thing is that this one is shorter in the arms than my other. This is highlighted by my ridiculous and exceptionally long arms. My orang-utan arms have always been blamed on my granddad… he used to stand on my feet and pull me up by my arms when I was little. This was a frequent occurrence and I used to think it was hilarious. But back to the top. I love all of the Harbour tops in the Joules range. They come in both the 3/4 sleeve or regular full length style. Llama Supporter tells me two is enough but I beg to differ, there is no such thing as enough stripy tops! You can find the whole range here and incase you didn’t already know, Joules do student discount in store!

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! I was about to say that’s me up to date, but in Lucky Llama form I have just found out I’ve won something else! My lips are sealed on what it is exactly until they arrive, but I’m already so excited to show you! Until then, thank you as always and much love.

K x




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