Floral Llama

I’m currently in bed with the worst period ever, I say this every month. Not because I’m dramatic, but because they get increasingly worse as life progresses. Right now I’d happily perform my own hysterectomy. I get no sympathy from the older generations of females in the family either, as apparently they all had to put up with it too. But anyway, sorry for the excess of personal information. This week has been a rollercoaster of emotion (mostly due to hormones, some due to uni) but thankfully we are edging ever closer to the weekend. Unfortunately this one will be filled with work. I need to get up to date with everything before Easter so I can roll out the revision plan.

Friday, I had a minor mental breakdown and a panic attack due to my ever increasing student finance stress. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall when the different departments don’t even communicate with one another. And in some cases can’t even work out who is responsible for what. I am a very placid person but I am edging ever closer to the end of my fuse. Luckily for them I’m no longer on Microgynon, I’ve never expressed rage quite like it when I was happily popping those. At this rate I think I’ll be about 3 weeks into Summer break before it’s actually sorted. After all that dramarmalade spreading, Llama Supporter thought it was best if we watched a film to cheer me up. After watching a documentary about Aardman and Nick Park during the week (A Grand Night In), we decided on The Pirates! Band of Misfits. Yes it’s technically a kids film, but full of adult humour and voiced by Hugh Grant, David Tennant and Martin Freeman to name a few. If you want something light-hearted to watch then I highly recommend it.

Despite waking up to a very grey and misty Saturday morning, we decided to head to Westonbirt Arboretum for a wander and obviously to take hundreds (281) photos of flowers and the grounds. As I have said before, I have no real clue what I’m doing with either of my cameras and just point and shoot a lot of the time. But I am trying to learn, so I took this opportunity to play around with a few of the settings and try out some much closer shots instead of general landscape views. Some of them were a bit meh but some of them I’m really rather happy with. I have an obsession with Magnolia, it honestly makes me so happy to see so much of it around Bristol. Happily starting to bloom from it’s furry pods. My love for Magnolia is only second to that of Wisteria, I am counting down the days until mid-May when it starts to bloom. I am definitely a member of the wisteria hysteria gang. Unfortunately I generally spend the whole of May at my desk revising for Summer exams, but I’m already planning some adventurous revision breaks to try to get my fix. But until then, it’s Magnolia and Rhododendrons all the way, something they have in bucket loads at Westonbirt.

When I was little my Granddad found a film that he thought I would enjoy called Mr Knibbles, it’s on Youtube if you ever get the urge to watch it. Everyone I have ever shown it to thinks I’m absolutely insane, but I’m not joking when I say I wore the VHS out. That was a very sad day when it no longer played. It was actually made by Disney and is basically about a girl who really wants a pet rabbit, but her parents won’t let her. She then meets a rabbit, a 6ft tall rabbit ,which is quite obviously a man in a suit, the special affects where not all that in the 1970’s. But the catch is she is the only one who can see him. So he becomes her invisible friend, much 1970’s hilarity and mischief occurs. The entire point of this story is that Mr Knibbles the 6ft tall bunny, lives in Rhododendron Mansion, which is basically a Rhododendron bush in the woods, but even now I can’t see one without being transported back to that film and a million childhood memories of looking for Mr Knibbles. Which is why I am apologising now for the countless Rhododendron and Magnolia pictures you are about to be subjected to.

*(If you do happen to check the film out and make it to the end, please let me know, I haven’t met a single other person yet who has watched it!)


Sunday was spent being very lazy for most of the morning. Before cracking on with some work. As a reward for working on a Sunday, we decided to head to the village pub for burger night as Llama Supporter had been dreaming of their dirty fries all week. They are definitely dream worthy, as is most of their menu. We even managed to fit in dessert, I went for Tiramisu and Llama Supporter had the warm carrot cake. The only thing he loves more than dark chocolate digestives is carrot cake. Every single piece he ever consumes is compared to what he deems the best carrot cake to exist, from a bakery in East Finchley called Chorak. Apparently this one rated very highly but didn’t have enough frosting to knock Chorak off the top spot. We rounded off the evening with an episode of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends. Or as Llama Supporter calls him… Bae.


As I said, I’m working hard at the moment to be fully up to date by the time Easter arrives so I can get well ahead with revision. The threat of summer exams is getting to me already and I want to go into them as confident as possible (I have never, and probably will never be confident about an exam). So a lot of this week has been spent at my desk. However, on Tuesday night, Llama Supporter and I took advantage of Taco Tuesday at Las Iguanas as a break from work for both of us. Llama Supporter is currently in the middle of his dissertation so we are both spending a lot of time working even when we are together at the weekends. I forgot to take a photo of our mains, we both went for Enchiladas. I did however get a photo when the churros arrived (they give me stomach ache and I have to pop the buscopan like they’re going out of fashion, but they’re so worth it).

I’d like to say this is the campest Llama Supporter has ever looked, unfortunately it’s not. IMG_3356IMG_3359

Wednesday afternoon was spent with the wonderful Tooth Fairy. We went for a lovely long walk round the harbour side in the afternoon sunshine, before heading to Coffee#1 for hot chocolate. It always takes me an age to decide what cake to have from the counter as they have so many amazing types on offer. Yesterday they had 4 different gluten free options available, so I was definitely spoilt for choice! In the end I decided on the scrumptious hazelnut brownie for a complete chocolate overload. We even managed to nab two armchairs in the sunshine to continue catching up on each others news before heading home in the evening sun.

I think I’ve procrastinated long enough so better get back to parasites, if you made it this far thank you as always! I won’t be posting now until Easter break starts, mostly because I don’t want to bore you with news about my week of work. But we have something exciting booked for the first weekend of Easter break so I can’t wait to tell you all about it, I’m not looking forward to the 5am start though.

Much love

K x


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