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After a week of working and catching up ready for revision to start (help, really help!) I thought it called for a couple of days of adventures and fun. To start with I headed to The Blogger’s Market on Saturday at Camden Collective. The fourth event of its kind to take place. I was super nervous as this was my first blogging event but pulled on my big girl pants and set off. The event was arranged by four bloggers but they also had three other special guests in attendance selling their clothes, as well as four workshops throughout the day. These ranged from pastel marbling and bullet journal making to brush lettering and manicures. All of which were free to attend. The clothes on offer were mostly new or worn for shoots etc but were on offer for ridiculously low prices. I managed to grab a few bargains from brands such as Barbour, Joules and Next (a couple of items I had been looking at in store recently at their full prices) and save an incredible amount (my top saving was the Barbour jumper, £89.95 for £7.00!). There were also a few food and drinks companies handing out free smoothies, sweets, biscuits and drinks in exchange for some advertising on social media via Instagram. Everyone was super friendly, but I do feel it would have been an even more enjoyable day if you attended with a group of friends. The next one is in the Autumn so if you fancy attending give me a shout as I will definitely be going!

As always I snapped all of my purchases for you to see! But am yet to style them with other pieces as I have spent the last few days covered in lamb poo and mud. I can’t wait to wear them though, so they’ll soon be all over Instagram and Facebook.


You’d think that would be enough excitement for one day but no, after an afternoon of running errands, we headed to Bills for dinner. I decided on the avocado hummus with flat bread followed by the chicken burger and sweet potato fries. Llama Supporter went for crab cakes to start and then ribs and fries. Scroll down to see just how much love he had for the fires. We then returned home to eat cake and watch Sense & Sensibility (Hugh Grant in breeches, why have I never watched this before?!).


On Sunday I made Llama Supporter wake up at 6am for breakfast. This might not seem a big deal to most people, but making him part with his duvet before the hour of the day is into double digits is like trying to get blood from a stone. Fortunately as I gave him a 3 month warning of this event, we made it to 110 Bishopsgate on time and proceeded to the 40th floor just as the sun was covering the city in the most amazing golden haze. After hearing rave reviews for The Duck and Waffle I thought it was about time we found out for ourselves. Like I said, I booked this 3 months ago. Weekend breakfast gets booked up incredibly quickly and it took me several attempts to get a reservation. For those of you who don’t know, the restaurant prides itself on the fact that it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides the most spectacular views over the city. Once we dragged our eyes away from the incredible views we got round to ordering. Llama Supporter went for the classic duck and waffle with maple syrup, I indulged my sweet tooth and had Belgian waffles with homemade nutella, caramelised banana and ice cream. It was worth the 3 month wait and the early alarm 100 times over. We will definitely be returning for breakfast and maybe to sample the rest of the menu.


After a quick nap when we returned, we decided to use the rest of the Sunday sunshine to have a wander round Kenwood House and gardens. Unfortunately, pretty much all of Hampstead decided to do the same, there were people picnicking on every blade of grass and frisbees flying in every direction. So we headed off towards the dairy for a more peaceful stroll and to hunt for photograph opportunities.


After all of that excitement I left Llama Supporter to his dissertation and headed home to my fluffies and to meet the most adorable lambs to every grace an Easter meadow. Eric and Ernie have now joined Devon, Doris and Delilah spreading Valais Blacknose adorableness around the Essex countryside. LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE! 


Apologies for that complete overload of information and photos. I plan to blog more often to stop horrendously long posts developing. So hopefully I’ll start producing posts with more specific topics or shorter diary style entries to ensure boredom doesn’t set in!

So until next then, much love!

K x

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