London Llama

On Thursday I set off for a fun adventure day with The Tattooed Lass. We set about finding the most Instagram worthy places in London and walking miles in the process. As we hadn’t seen each other since I was bridesmaid for her and her lovely other half in the summer, we also took the opportunity to exchange Christmas gifts. I was in receipt of some very judgemental looks carrying a Christmas bag on the tube! Scrooges! The Tattooed Lass completely spoilt me with Llama, Cat and embroidery themed gifts.

FullSizeRender 25

We started the day at Peggy Porschen as it was perfectly placed next to Victoria Station our planned meeting point. Despite it being just after 11am, it is never too early for cake! After taking about 30 snaps of the adorable window boxes and canopies we went in to order. As it was such a gorgeous day we sat out the front of the pink parlour and chatted as we watched the World go by. As always, I went for a slice of vanilla cloud. It was quite warm already, so I went for a pink lemonade instead of my usual hot chocolate. The Tattooed Lass decided on the same after surveying all that was on offer. I was extremely tempted to take some carrot cake cupcakes home, complete with tiny carrot. They are honestly amazing and my second favourite item on offer at the parlour. But I knew I’d either eat the lot or drop them whilst taking photos, so it gives me an excuse to go back (like I need one).


Over cake, we had a lovely long chat, mostly about cakes before we decided to set off and explore the rest of Belgravia, and then towards Buckingham Palace snapping everything on the way.


After a brief pause and a spot of people watching whilst sat on the fountain outside the palace, we wandered through St James’ Park to marvel at all the amazing Spring floral displays. I absolutely adore Spring, I think it’s my favourite season. I love how everything suddenly comes to life all at once. The days get longer and everything seems brighter and happier. If I’m ever down, just show me tulips and hyacinths. They are instant sources of llama happiness.


We managed to time our arrival at Horseguards with the changing of the guard, something I have never seen before despite visiting countless times. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to grab any photos as there were a sea of arms and phones blocking most of the view! We then set off to find lunch in the direction of Trafalgar Square. As we left Horseguards we had a bit of a surreal moment. The Tattooed Lass remarked that the traffic was gridlocked which we didn’t think much of, then we realised that it was silent and the vehicles were parked. We then also noticed ever single vehicle from Westminster to Trafalgar Square was a black cab. At this very moment, they all started their engines and proceeded to hold their hands on their horns in protest. I said goodbye to my ability to hear at this point and for about the next hour as they circled Trafalgar Square and the road down to Westminster as we made our way up to Nelson’s column to watch what was going on. We chatted to a few other people and then decided the situation was going to go on for much longer and we wanted lunch.


After lunch we walked from Trafalgar Square to Mayfair via Fortnum & Mason and Cath Kidston (it had to be done). We were in search of one of the most Instagrammed (is that  a word?!) houses in existence. Thanks to some FBI worthy Instagram stalking and Google Maps we found it relatively easily, and tried to get as many snaps of it as possible without getting run over!


We made it just as the sun was setting behind the beautiful houses on Trevor Square, and unfortunately, we definitely didn’t get to every location on our full list. So there will have to be a repeat adventure hopefully in Summer. All too soon it was time to go our separate ways to be stared at by more commuters with our Christmas bags, we definitely won’t be leaving it 7 months until we see each other again!

K x

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