TFL Llama


This is just a very quick post with some money saving tips if you happen to be the lucky holder of a 16-25 railcard. Obviously I am (well) out of the age bracket, but thankfully, as I am still a full time student I qualify for one. Not only does it save you a third off overground travel as most students will know, it can also save you on the tube too.

I discovered this last year, but have been doing extensive research in to just how much it saves. The attendant at the station told me I wouldn’t notice the difference but I definitely have. If you regularly use the tube and still have a travel card get it linked to your oyster card ASAP! Very helpful people at the tube stations can do this for you via the oyster top-up/ticket machines.

After following Llama Supporter through ticket gates for nearly a year I can confirm I save every single time I travel. The TFL website states you save 34% off travel which is a saving definitely worth having, but there is more. Depending on the time, some journeys have even been free. FREE TRAVEL IN LONDON. That’s definitely something to shout about.

Think of all the extra food and alcohol those savings could buy, or in my case shoes and cake!

K x

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