Banned Llama

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I am now in full revision swing and slowly losing the will to live. I didn’t want to subject you to Animal Health, Disease and Management, believe me at the moment it feels like pulling teeth. As if I didn’t have enough to think about at the moment, my car is now rusting before my eyes. Unfortunately on my student budget I can’t justify the garage repairs and I have no Flashdance type welding skills either. Although if I fail these exams I may well look into it. So I am now saving for another mode of transport, I suggested a pony but that didn’t go down well with Llama Supporter, at least I wouldn’t have to tax it. Apparently the four wheeled variety is much preferred. With this in mind, my shopping habits have been suspended. This is going to be painful (you think I’m joking). But needs must.

Thankfully before I had the bad news, I hit Oxford Street with the lovely Number 1 Corgi Mum for a shopping day. We spent the entire afternoon and early evening going in just about every shop, pausing for cake and refreshments naturally. I was well behaved and only treated myself to a a cute embroidered t-shirt in Topshop and a Bobbi Brown artstick, in Sunset Orange on Corgi Mum’s recommendation. If you don’t have an orange lipstick, get one. If I can wear one with orange hair anyone can. I love it, it’s so fun and summery. I’m so glad she convinced me to get it, it’s amazing.


So I have decided as I can’t go shopping, I will share with you all the things I love at the moment but can’t fill my wardrobe with. If you listen carefully you’ll be able to hear my Mother and Llama Supporter breathing a sigh of relief.

First up is Topshop. I find them a bit hit and miss sometimes. At the moment I am in love with so many of their items. They have gone to town with embroidery (I’m so obsessed with it at the moment) and it’s on everything. They have 20% off for students this week. Here are my favourites.

For some reason WordPress won’t let me add the multiple links to the items, they’re super easy to find on the website. If you can’t find them let me know, I have most of the tabs saved for torturing myself with. The blue cigarette trousers aren’t out online yet, but they have a full range of sizes of them in the Oxford St store if you’re desperate for them.

Next we have Missguided, they have 30% off for students at the moment, extra encouragement to spend your newly acquired loan. Just as a note the top on the left says ‘grey’ on the website despite the photo showing a nude coloured top. It is neither of these shades but in fact lilac. I know this because I own it, but haven’t managed to style it with anything as yet. I thought it went perfectly with the black lace up jeans, these are definitely on my wish list. The top does come in other shades too, I’m not sure how well they match their online photos though.


If you hadn’t already noticed, if it’s covered in cute embroidery or bow and frills I want it. I knew I was a magpie for shiny things but this is a whole new level. I’m so obsessed, in February I bought an embroidery kit and I’m slowly learning how to do it and then hopefully I’ll be able to customise my own things. So far I can say I’m much better at it than knitting. My Nan, the queen of knitting and baking, once told me she had never met anyone who was so lacking in knitting ability. So hopefully I’ve redeemed myself with my sewing.

I was just about to share with you some of my New Look finds, but I got distracted by this…

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 21.25.56

Yes it’s embroidered, but that’s not the point, it’s extremely similar to the newly launched Cath Kidston bag for a third of the price…


Cath Kidston have recently released these bags with much celebrity endorsement. They feature interchangeable straps so in theory you have multiple looks in one. These retail for £45.00 for the bag and the straps range from £15-£20 depending on the design. New Look’s version is £19.99. If you’re a student, New Look are also offering 20% off for a limited time so it’s even cheaper!

On the subject of Cath Kidston, I want it all. All of it. Here is a sample of the amazing items they have in at the moment. I limited myself to 8 items, partly to stop depressing myself and partly to not bore you for too long.


Look at the Lobster shoes!! Why am I poor?!

Ok, I’ve procrastinated for long enough. My flashcards are calling me. I hope you’re still with me and awake, if anyone else wants to share their recent finds with me please do! I literally can’t get enough of shopping, tell me what you’re buying. In a non-creepy way.

K x

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