Somerset Llama

So we’re three exams down, five to go. Hopefully the worst is over (*touches all the wood within reach*). Today we had the spot test or better known as what is this beige object on this even bigger beige object. I’m having a moment before cracking on with the massive pile of physiology notes awaiting me. What I actually need is gin and to be laying by a swimming pool. But alas.

As I mentioned in my last post, Revision Llama is quite boring, which is why I have been reluctant to post. Until I actually did something fun yesterday. Yes, I left the house, I wore something other than my Grumpy Cat pyjamas. It was a good day. The Queen of Darkness and I decided to venture to The Ethicurean, which we recently discovered was in our sleepy village. I found out about it through my regular source – stalking other peoples Instagram profiles. It never fails to unveil many new places and ideas. As I survived my disease exams and the Queen of Darkness made it through farm rotations we thought we both needed a treat in the form of tea and cake.

The Ethicurean serve tea and cake Tuesday – Thursday 11-12, 3-5pm and between Friday – Sunday 10-12, 3-5pm, no booking required. If you arrive by bike they even offer a 10% discount, it’s reduced to 9% if you cheat and use an electric one! They also serve lunch and dinner with their menu changing twice daily. This is due to the fact they strive to grow everything on site or source it as locally as possible. As it stands, they have never had a Sunday lunch with available spaces. With bookings being made two months in advance. I fully intend to make a booking for next term to try out their amazing produce and put their claim of catering for any dietary need to the test! Stay tuned for that in the Autumn.

But anyway, back to Sunday! We were immediately fell in love with the place on arrival when we were greeted with a completely unspoilt view of the Mendips. After a quick wander, in search of cows, we made our way into the beautiful walled gardens and vegetable patches. We took full advantage of the weather and decided to have tea and cake in the garden and pretended we had lives of leisure. I decided on the Almond, Apple and Chai cake – gluten free of course. There were 2 choices on offer, a gluten free dream. As the Queen of Darkness isn’t a fan of coconut, the alternative gluten-free option,  she opted for the breakfast tea on its own.


Hands down the best gluten-free cake I have ever had. And believe me, I have had many! I am constantly in search of my cake fix in a World of gluten-free dry crumbs. I can’t wait to go back and have more. AND it’s in walking distance of our cottage. We have also since discovered that they do cocktails at any time! We are already planning our return journey. Of course we’ll strap a couple of reflectors on our backs for the stumble home down the country lane for health and safety purposes. Never fear, us vet girls are always prepared! After we had removed every last drop of tea from the pot, we set off to explore the gardens. Which are absolutely stunning. You could get lost here for ages and forget all your troubles. When you leave the formal garden and head towards the orchard, there is even a fruit and veg shop, all grown on site, so you can stock up before returning home. Unfortunately the artist studios were not open, another excuse to return to check those out!

If you want to read more about The Ethicurean you can find their website here. They were also recently featured on Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux JR. It’s episode 3 of the series and is currently available on 4OD. It definitely gets the Llama seal of approval from me.


Credit to the Queen of Darkness for her shots of me. Hopefully she’s now got the taste for it too and will soon be kitted out with a camera as well! Prepare yourself for twice the amount of photo spam!

All too soon it was time to head back to the notes for me and the Pathology reading for the Queen of Darkness. We couldn’t make it back without a pit stop though. I pass this house all the time and never have my camera on me, so finally seized the moment! My wisteria hysteria knows no bounds.


Right, are you still there?

It’s back to the notes. I’ll see you on the other side of exams for BADBADNOTGOOD excitement!

Much love

K x


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