Sketching Llama

It’s July! Which means only one thing, it’s my birthday month! Unfortunately my birthday is the last of 5 in our family in a 2 and a half week period! Busy, bankrupting  times! Because of other exciting arrangements occurring in July, Llama Supporter booked my surprise for the 1st starting off the month extremely well. As usual he pulled out all the stops and managed to keep it a secret until the morning so that I could plan my outfit accordingly (he literally is the best).

As many of you will know by now from my Facebook account, we went to Sketch, a millennial pink paradise. Well it’s actually 5 restaurants and bars under one roof, one of which, The Gallery, is pink heaven. The blush pink walls are lined with wonderful and bizarre artwork by Turner Prize nominee David Shrigley, complimented by the Art Deco inspired soft furnishings.  I have been desperate to go here for absolutely ages and seeing as I am turning 30 (literally hideous) Llama Supporter thought it was the perfect opportunity. Naturally I dressed in multiple different tones of pink, so much so, the host said to Llama Supporter, your girlfriend really likes pink doesn’t she… I’d like to think this was a compliment.

Ok so prepare yourself.

I wore: Blush jumper – Topshop, Pale pink textured skirt and Dusty pink heels – New Look, Embroidered bag – Accessorize, White bow top (seen later) Zara.


Llama Supporter wore: Navy blazer and light blue shirt – Ozwald Boateng, Jeans – Tristan, Burgundy shoes – Churches. Hilarious expression – Models own.


FullSizeRender 3IMG_5392IMG_5396IMG_5384IMG_5395IMG_5421IMG_5445IMG_5442IMG_5444IMG_5450IMG_5452IMG_5459IMG_5519IMG_5456IMG_5454IMG_5447IMG_5381IMG_5400IMG_5401IMG_5402IMG_5403IMG_5404

Are you still with me? You can imagine my face the entire time. Hands down the best birthday surprise so far! I’ve attached the menu here. As you can see we ate a lot! I went for Chantilly Lace to start, which consisted of black rice, basmati rice, lobster bisque, red pepper and wasabi. Llama Supporter went for Carlingford oysters with lemon gel, shallot vinegar and grilled sourdough. For the main course I had the pan-fried sirloin of Black Angus beef with kale and almonds. I also added creamed spinach and French fries. Llama Supporter went for Abanico of Ibérico pork, caramelised sweet onion fondue, capers, black pudding and kirsch ravioli. Our cocktails were ‘Far from Vanilla’ and… normally I’d tell you what Llama Supporter had but, he threw the receipt away and despite me spending nearly 2 hours googling I can’t find the name of it for love nor money. All I can tell you is it contained chilli, peroni and lemon. Not for the faint hearted,  one sip and it nearly blew my head off! Needless to say we couldn’t manage dessert!

I couldn’t leave without taking a photo of the toilets. I sent Llama Supporter in first, which caused him to look at me like I’m a complete weirdo but he soon realised why. The toilets at Sketch are famous in their own right, which is not surprising when they look like this (also featuring the Zara top).

IMG_5460IMG_5419FullSizeRender 4IMG_5417IMG_5416

Yes, giant dinosaur/egg/pod whatever you wish to call them. With a Saturday Night Fever dance floor on the ceiling. Without doubt, a huge Llama seal of approval, I will definitely be returning in the near future, hopefully to try their afternoon tea!

Next time: Kew Botanical Gardens

K x


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