It’s alright Andy, it’s only Bolognese…

If that doesn’t ring any bells and you’ve think I’ve finally lost the plot, you clearly haven’t seen Hot Fuzz enough times.

At the end of summer I compiled a list of potential places to visit once I was back in the West Country. As I am the List Queen, it is naturally long enough to take me about 12 months to get through! So when Llama Supporter came to visit for the first time this term we decided to check one of the destinations out. I chose Wells as it was reasonably close by, upon google mapping it, I discovered it was the location for the above mentioned film. Much excitement ensued because I am a massive nerd and we set off. Naturally it rained pretty much all day, but for once it didn’t dampen my spirits. Llama Supporter discovered a map online of the different locations they used for filming, yes we went full nerd mode, and we set off round the town exploring.

I have attached the map on the off chance anyone is mildly interested and still reading.


My initial reason for wanting to visit was because it is a beautiful City, technically the smallest City in the country in fact. Wells has City status due to the fact they have a beautiful cathedral, which should be reason alone to visit. It is absolutely gorgeous, even in hideous November West Country weather. As well as the cathedral there are countless adorable houses, hidden down beautiful cobbled streets, a castle complete with a moat and swans and plenty of shops. Naturally I went absolutely crazy with the camera before we decided we couldn’t stand the rain anymore and set off for the warmth and shelter of Coffee #1.


You’d think that would be enough excitement for the weekend, especially at my age, but no! Llama Supporter decided that we should go to Brean on Sunday as the weather was glorious and he wanted to go for a cliff walk. The weather was indeed glorious, on the ground, on the top of the cliff was another story, thank goodness for body fat! Thankfully the views were completely worth the gale force winds that could have easily taken Dorothy to Oz and we even had a sit down on the grass to watch the sun starting to set.


If you’re looking for a spectacular walk then I highly recommend it, the pathway leading up suits most ages and abilities of the two and four legged varieties. If you do take your adorable dog, please keep them on a lead, many weren’t and there is a very informative sign at the start stating that unfortunately several are lost over the side of the cliff every month. So please keep your best friend safe and happy.

Right, I shall bore you no more. I’m off to eat cake and watch Guy Martin. But just very, very quickly before I do… I just wanted to say thank you to all the lovely people that came up on me at Soiree on Saturday to say that they liked my blog or my Instagram account. Honestly thank you so much, you really made my night even more lovely than it already was, you wonderful people.

Much love,

K x

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