2017 Llama

I’m procrastinating and in a bit of a food coma, so I felt it was time for a reflection on 2017. As we waved goodbye to 2016 I was in a very different place in every way. After months of counselling for various different reasons, I decided to take a gamble and open up about what was affecting me the most and then cried for about 3 days afterwards. I don’t care how dramatic I sound, it changed my life. It was a huge sense of relief not to have to make up excuses for my strange behaviour or for outbreaks of tears in supermarkets. Something I never expected was how many people opened up to me about their own experiences and trusted me with their stories. I won’t ramble on about it for too long and you can read exactly what I said in the post entitled Honest Llama in the menu on the right. My only regret is not doing it sooner, as it worked better than any form of counselling ever has.

Thanks to my list to try to keep me positive and happy through a repeat year, I have had adventures and experiences I couldn’t even dream of. So here are a few of my highlights…

Llama Supporter and I have explored most of London from the Kenwood to Kew Gardens, stopping off at every bakery in sight.


I attended my first ever blogging event in Camden


I had an amazing falconry experience with Miss Hermés


Photographed nearly all of London with The Tattooed Crafter


Visited The Ethicurean in Summer with The Queen of Darkness and in Autumn with The Future Mrs Ryan Gosling


I dragged Llama Supporter to Dirt Quake and met Guy Martin (again)


I turned 30… I’m not quite sure if this is a highlight but the gifts and trip to Sketch helped


Started dabbling with embroidery

Bee HoopPiss offWatermelonIMG_3907IMG_3500IMG_3499

Tried to perfect reverse parking a tractor and trailer whilst helping out with the harvest with my favourite farmers, who also very kindly let me tag along to Burghley Horse Trials and Olympia with them.


Llama Supporter and I left the country twice, firstly to a very cold but beautiful Dublin as his Birthday surprise and secondly to the hot and gorgeous Rome.


I also survived and passed second, second year. Third year is currently looking questionable. I’m in extreme panic mode now and am doubting my abilities more than ever. I am off back to my notes immediately after I finish this.

Obviously it wouldn’t be life without some downs as well as ups and unfortunately not everything has been rosy. Thankfully my student finances finally got sorted after being pushed to the ends of my patience and I even managed to change my car. Unfortunately as well as my IBS I managed to get Post Concussive Syndrome and proved that putting the shopping away can be more than hazardous. I am still sporting a bump on the head but thankfully the drugs are helping to keep my symptoms at bay! Hopefully I can also wave goodbye to that too in the New Year!

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet on here recently, as well as exam stress, I have been having tests. Some of you may be aware that my Mum suffers from muscle disease and has done since I was a child with some time spent in a wheelchair. Unfortunately I have now also started showing symptoms, I am off for further tests this afternoon to get referred. Obviously this is not ideal and I haven’t dealt very well with it. But due to recent events, I have decided that life is too short and I am going to carry on doing exactly what I want until it tries to stop me, then I’ll try a bit harder.

So back to being positive! Thank you to everyone who made my 2017 fabulous, in so many ways. I hope 2018 brings you everything you desire and I can’t wait to share more memories with you.

Heaps of Love

K x

Dedicated to Jaime Miguel Bueno and Pamela Evelyn O’Kearney who we sadly had to say goodbye to in 2017.


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