Tale as Old as Llama

If it wasn’t obvious, I am currently drowning in Vet School revision. Every year the Vet School sends out an email just before Christmas signing off with ‘enjoy your Christmas break’. The last Christmas I had without exams awaiting me in January was Christmas 2012. I know this is self inflicted but the next person to hint at the fact I have been doing nothing for the last three weeks is going to get it in the neck.

Right now we’ve got that out of the way, I did allow myself a revision break… I know how daring. Don’t worry I revised until we walked out the door and then as soon as we got back. I forced Llama Supporter to watch Mumma Mia after to celebrate (can you believe he’d never seen it?! Thanks to me he’s also been subjected to Dirty Dancing, Footloose (the original and in my opinion only version), American Graffiti and many more. And he’s yet to run away!).

Anyway I am getting so far from the topic. Back in July I was in ninja mode and managed to book an afternoon tea at The Kensington Hotel. Which is lovely enough, but this was even better and completely worth waiting six months to go to. If you happen to be a female between the ages of 18-35, you have probably seen the Cosmo articles all over Facebook advertising a Tale as Old as Time afternoon tea. Originally organised to celebrate the release of the new Beauty and Beast film. It sold out so fast they decided to extend it for another year, which also promptly sold out too.

It was everything I hoped for, and the staff not only encouraged you to photograph every Instagram angle imaginable but also helped out too. It was an absolute dream. I am totally over the embarrassment of making a tit of myself for a photo, I no longer have any shame (I’ve even started playing with videos, just when you thought I couldn’t get any more annoying!). Apologies to the doorman at The Kensington who couldn’t work out if I was ready to come indoors yet or not.

When we did eventually get indoors, we were seated at the cutest table with a biscuit awaiting us in the shape of Belle’s dress. Llama Supporter removed any evidence of his ever existing at lightening speed, I’m saving mine for after exams.

I have attached a copy of the menu so you can check it out for yourself. I swiftly found out that the tea supply was endless and new pots smoothly arrived without even asking. I had seven cups of Earl Grey, yes seven. I’d like to say that is a new record for me, but alas, during revision time in the cottage I could easily double that. I’m genuinely 90% tea. Llama Supporter went for Cloud Tea, which went a very pretty grey colour when milk was added, he didn’t make seven cups.


Right now, I’m just going to bombard you with photos, the majority of them are unedited… shudder, but you know, I’m on a schedule at the moment!! Spot Julio the embroidered guinea pig. Anyway,  keep scrolling. That wasn’t the end of the day…


Are you still there? Can you see anything but cakes?

You would think that cakes in the shape of Disney characters would be enough for one day but no! The stars aligned and what would you know, the Queen of Darkness decided to visit the Natural History Museum on the same day with The Aviator. You might think this is hardly chance, let me explain. I thought I’d be 40 before the Queen of Darkness graced London with her presence and she arrived on the tube. It was a New Years miracle. If you didn’t realise The Kensington Hotel is two roads away from the museum, so off we trotted (in heeled boots,.. me obviously. Llama Supporter is yet to crack out any Cuban heels, yet) to spend an hour with them.


Right, there’s about 950 flashcards with my name on them… *silently weeps*

Much love

K x

(Next time New Years resolutions… kind of… if I survive exams)

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