New Year, New Llama

Well sort of. I gave up New Years resolutions a long time ago, opting instead for a set of goals for the coming year. This is something I started when I was about 15 and have tried to carry it on every year. Some things on the list are small and easily achievable and others need a lot more work/time.

Reflecting on the last year I was unsure as what to set them as this year. Vet School and EMS (placements) take a lot of my time up. Contary to popular belief we have to use our Christmas/Easter/Summer ‘breaks’ for placements. And I wanted to set goals that were achievable in some shape or form alongside uni.

In December I found out that Yoga with Adriene, who I found thanks to the Tooth Fairy, was starting a new 30 Day Yoga journey beginning on January 2nd. So that was the first item to make it onto the list. Today is Day 19 and so far I haven’t missed a video. Some days have felt like a chore but even on the days I have had to force myself to get on the mat, I have felt so much better afterwards. I am hoping to make it to Day 30 without missing one, so watch this space.


Before the year is out I also want to learn how to do the crow pose. At the moment I am more likely to face plant the carpet, but I am working on it. I think it’s going to take me all year.

Something else I have been conscious of, is needing to make more of an effort with my self care and mental health. This is linked to yoga, but also to my diet, skin care and general well being. Llama Supporter has been telling me off for this for probably the best part of 18 months! So I thought it was time to take some action. Despite exam stress, my IBS hasn’t been too bad (touch wood) since Christmas. I am trying my best to stick to the FODMAP diet, which is time consuming on it’s own but so far, I think it’s paying off.  I hope you’re sitting down the Queen of Darkness and the Future Mrs Ryan Gosling. I also gave up Nutella for a month. I know it’s not a month since the New Year, I started on the 10th December. This may seem easy for some, but as the QoD and FMRG will tell you, if I’m missing, I’m usually found in kitchen eating straight from the jar. So just to prove I could survive without it, I decided we needed a break from one another! I have tried several healthier alternatives, including this one by Sweet Freedom. It is completely natural and even diabetic safe.


As for skin care, gone are the baby wipes as make up removers. Late last year I started using Garnier Micellar Cleansing water for sensitive skin (pink lid). It worked a lot better than Johnson’s baby wipes, but I still wasn’t sold on the idea. Until they released an Oil-infused version for delicate skin. I don’t think my skin was this soft at birth. Mummy Sue has even swapped on to it, she’s now using the oil-infused one for dry, sensitive skin (white lid).


As far as the rest of the list goes, I intend to explore further afield in the UK and abroad, naturally I have a list. So brace yourself. I also want to improve my photography skills… maybe starting by reading the manual for my camera.

What are your plans and goals for 2018? Has anyone tried Bullet Journalling?

Right now I’m off to raid the cupboards to find something to go with Saturday night tv.

K x

Next time: Cakes, a tour of London.


4 thoughts on “New Year, New Llama

  1. It was great to read your goals for 2018. I also gave up on the traditional resolutions. My goals are finishing my memoir, selling my screenplay, continuing to grow my blog, and write everyday. I have a lot of traveling goals this summer but South Korea, Germany, and Italy are the big ones. You blog post was amazing to read.

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    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! Your 2018 goals sound amazing. I am so jealous of your travel plans. Where in Italy are you heading? I went for the first time last year to Rome and completely fell in love! Hope 2018 is wonderful for you.

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    1. Ah I highly recommend it, the one I am following has loads of restorative practices mixed in too and is big on self love! I am based in the South West for uni so want to explore more down here. Where are you based? I love quirky little villages etc. so have a list of those to visit, Clovelly in Devon is at the top at the moment. I follow InstaBritain on Instagram and get loads of ideas for places on there too! X


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