Llama Bakeries

Finally as I promised a long time ago, a run down on my favourite London bakeries. Apologies on the delay, you’d probably weep as much as me at the sight of my current to do list. I am currently taking advantage of my latest IBS flare up and treating myself to an admin afternoon with the Stereophonics as motivation. I am not quite sure where to start, I won’t grade them, as they each have their own unique selling point. So in no particular order.

Peggy Porschen

As most of you will know, I spent a great deal of last summer frequenting Peggy Porschen in Belgravia. The pink paradise has become so popular they now have a queuing rope outside. No joke. So my new strategy is to get a takeaway. Service for this is usually super fast and then swan off home to eat it in my pjs with Netflix. If you are yet to go, I would still recommend queuing and eating in whole heartedly. I threatened a few months ago to never return and Llama Supporter nearly had a small breakdown over never eating the dark chocolate truffle cake again.

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Another Instagram sensation. Elan can be found on Brompton Road, just along from Harrods or on Park Lane. Both as adorable as each other. There is a link to their website here. Elan are open until Midnight every day for those late night cake cravings. Llama Supporter and I have been twice after 9pm on a Friday night for emergency cake. The first time there were over 100 people waiting outside to Instagram their cakes. The second time, we went slightly later, around 10.30pm and picked out our takeaway order quite quickly. I know you might be thinking my Christ I could not be bothered, which is fine. But I will just say despite it seeming like just the place to be seen, the cakes are genuinely incredible.

Llama Supporter and I frequent Cote quite a bit, which does amazing Llama safe food, but we decided that paying in the region of £6 for a dessert from a limited menu was a bit excessive. Especially when you can go to somewhere like Elan on the way home and pick up anything that takes your fancy, and they’re all less than £6 a slice. So that is what we now do, except the last time we went we came home with nine slices, not all for us I might add. The Hipster Lawyer placed an order too!

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(also yes that is a gold walnut on the carrot cake)

Pearl & Groove

Thanks to our trips to Elan, we happened to discover a company called Pearl & Groove. You can find their website here. They supply the gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar cake options to Elan, so I decided to do some research and discovered they have a cafe on Portobello Road. As we were practically in the area, we made a visit. I felt slightly overwhelmed. If you are or have even been gluten-free, I am sure you are fed up with being offered one type of cake in the whole shop and tough luck if you don’t like it. If you are not gluten-free then imagine going out with your friends and having to eat a bag of Wine Gums every time. EVERY single cake in Pearl & Groove is gluten-free. I nearly shed a tear. It has never taken me so long to decide (Llama Supporter might disagree). I have now tried four different flavours and all are as amazing as the last. I can’t recommend the cafe highly enough. If it becomes an Instagram hit I may have a breakdown.

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They also deliver if you happen to live in London.

Primrose Bakery

Last but definitely not least, we have Primrose Bakery. We have been to both the Primrose Hill and the Kensington cafes so far. Both adorable, easy to get to and with lovely staff. They cater for gluten-free and vegan, celebratory dance. They also stock cute gift ideas, birthday party paraphernalia, t-shirts and aprons. Apologies if it all looks a bit the same, but the carrot cake cupcakes were so insanely good I couldn’t risk having something else and regretting it! I promise to have a different flavour next time and report back. Or failing that I’ll make Llama Supporter get something different and relay the info whilst I enjoy my amazing carrot cake.

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Are you still there? Apologies, but many thanks for sticking with my ramblings. If you have any cake recommendations send them on over, I am always up for trying new places. Also if you are ever lacking a cake eating buddy do not hesitate to give me a call. I can always make time for friends especially those accompanied by cake.

Right now I am off to sit in front of my wardrobe for the next hour trying to decide what to wear to the Vet School half way meal. Thanks so much for picking today for a flare up IBS. Yes, we’re half way, actually over argh. On Friday we get to touch cows. It’s suddenly becoming a lot more exciting. Stay tuned, there will be huge amounts of nerd photos.

As always thank you for your support, love and comments. You genuinely have no idea what they mean to me.

Much love

K x

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